Friday, July 27, 2012

Raise Your Anchor!

It's that time again. Time to head back to Tejas. It's also time to review a beer for y'all.

I had the pleasure of stopping in Monterey, California on the way to San Francisco. We stopped to eat at Cannery Row Brewing Company, and was excited to try some of their house made brews, but they only had the wheat available. I ordered a sample and was disappointed and unimpressed.

Instead I opted for Anchor Brewing Company's Brekle's Brown Ale. The temperature was cool out so the choice was perfect. Anchor Brewing Company is in San Francisco and sadly I didn't get to tour the brewery like I'd hoped. Don't worry though, I plan on returning.

I took one big inhale into my pint and the flavors were aromatic. There was a richness and complexity to the flavors but nothing overwhelming. It was still crisp. I could tell there was a hint of citrus in the brew. It is a single-hop ale so don't expect anything bitter here. I loved it and would happily order this beer regularly if it was available to me.

A little factoid about the name. Brekle's was the German pioneer behind the Anchor Brewery and they named this brown ale after him in honor of 140 years of tasty brews.

I can't wait to have another Brekle's Brown and hopefully taste other Anchor beers in my near future ;)
Cannery Row in Monterey, California
Holding my Brekle's Brown Ale 

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