Monday, July 16, 2012

Texas Brews

I'm back y'all! I missed blogging so much. On my spare time all I could think about was how I was going to blog about this or that. I have two posts today, but am currently writing this one as I wait for spin class at the gym (do I deserve a gold medal or what?)

Let's begin by sharing a couple of brews. I arrived to Austin on Friday night and my sister friend joined my mom and I for a pie at the one, the only, Homeslice. It had been far too long since my last slice there. The pizza was heavenly and I had zero guilt because I did a Friday morning workout (go me for being proactive)
The Classic (Pepperoni & Mushroom) at Homeslice Pizza
Afterward, Leigh joined me for a post-pizza drink. I ordered a Texas beer sampler. I love ordering samplers because you get the best of both (we four) worlds. It's important to drink beers in this order: lights with ambers, wheats, browns and hops, and finish with stouts and porters. This will help you distinguish and truly taste the flavors behind every brew. Most places should arrange your sampler in the correct order for you.

I had the following from right to left: Real Ale Devil's Backbone, Southern Blonde Bombshell, Live Oak Hefe Weizen, Independence Bootlegger Brown Ale. Here we go...
My 5oz paddle of Texas Brews
Real Ale Devil's Backbone was one of my favorites from the four. It was crisp, but spicy too. Do not let its pale golden color deceive, it is stronger than it looks. Definitely worth the pick.

Southern Blonde Bombshell was a creamy golden ale. Not too much flavor going on and pretty plain Jane. I didn't love it, and while it was tastier than your average beer, it wasn't special.

Live Oak Hefe Weizen was my favorite!! Not only because it's a wheat y'all, I know I tend to be biased towards those, but the aroma of this beer is fabulous. I haven't had anything like it. There is a hint of banana when you smell it, I hope that doesn't spun strange, but it's definitely not weird. Served with a lemon slice and with a hint of vanilla. Overall creamy, flavorful, and mildly tart. Amazing. Cannot wait to have another.

Finally the Independence Bootlegger Brown Ale was heavenly and perhaps my second favorite. It was creamy and so chocolatey, it almost felt like dessert. This is a dark beer that is great for a person who is slowly being introduced to the darker side of the beer spectrum. I can't wait to drink it again in the wintertime.

Honorable Mention: I also had a cold one on Saturday night and opted for the Saint Arnold Weedwacker. This beer is basically the cousin of the Lawnmower. It has spicier notes and tastes completely different from the Lawnmower. It was good, but I still prefer the Lawnmower.
The beer on the left side I have reviewed here & the Weedwacker on the right
Come back later tonight for another post, but not about beer ;)


  1. Yummm! Hefeweizen, one of my personal favorites as well!

    1. Can I tell you how excited I am to try some Washington brews?! Tried any good ones there?

    2. There are a lot of IPAs...I'm definitely not a fan of those. But I can't believe how many breweries there are here. I can't say I'm a connoisseur of beers.. but there are a few that I like. However I can't remember what they are. I'll just have to take you there :)