Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WIWW - What I Wore Wednesday

(Note: For your convenience, you may want to consider playing the song at the end of this post in the background as you read the entire thing)


Welcome to WIWW or What I Wore Wednesday where I present to you the outfit I wore midweek.

I spent this lovely Independence Day at the beach! Going to the beach is one of my favorite things to do.  I love it so much that I don't like to get the smell out afterward.  The smell in my towel, my arms, my hair, it's heavenly and there's something even therapeutic about it.  Anyone else feel the same way? 

I started my day off like this:
Free Starbucks Tall Blonde Roast coffee & Free Song of the Week! I'll let you know how the song is.
Since I spent the day at the beach you can only imagine what my outfit looked like:
Wind caught me by surprise here.
Reversible Bathing Suit by Tommy Hilfiger from the outlet store
Beach Flip Flops are Reefs
Sunglasses are cheap from Aldo
Floppy sun hat from Ann Taylor outlet 
Showing off my "guns"
This swimsuit is reversible btw.  Stripes & Polka Dots
"En el mar la vida es mas sabrosa"
There was a little of this...
...and a little of that.
And a difficult time getting out of there.
"Oh beautiful, for spacious skies"
I will leave you beautiful people with one last thing.  There is a song I may or may not have admitted to singing at the drop of a hat.  It's not so secretly one of my favorite love ballads.  Gets me every time.  

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