Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Deep End // #DreamBig

Do you ever feel like the to-do list is literally endless?  I feel that way lately.  Life has literally been nonstop since my arrival to St. Louis.  I haven't even taken the time to organize my closet (except for color coordinating my clothes) since I've arrived in early August. The only reason this isn't bothering me is because I can hide it with the beautiful french doors that lead to it in my bedroom.

Times of transition leave me feeling out of breath, much like being in the deep end trying to find the shore.  The ocean waves are rough and every time they begin to calm down and I can float for a bit, another storm comes rushing in.  It's all a part of change, of starting new things and of adjusting to a new place to call temporary home.

On the bright side, I am starting to love St. Louis more and more.  I miss my friends and my family, I am making new ones, and am thinking of my past students a lot.  I miss teaching and I worry about the success of my previous students.  I hope they are doing their very best to have a successful academic year.  I hope they are making good decisions! There are so many things high school students need to hear regularly in order to feel and be successful.

One of my very best friends that I hold dear to my heart is starting her first year of teaching in my home state and she is teaching juniors in high school.  These students live in a community that is approximately 80% Hispanic and like many areas in this country, it is a community struggling with educational inequity.  She is grappling with the idea of her students succeeding and whether they will go to college.  Whether or not that is what they want to do, it should be a path that is realistic and achievable for them.  I know she has the power to do this, she is incredibly intelligent and inspirational, but she needs our help.  Ms. Winger wrote a blog post recently asking others to share insight for her students.  Insight that allows her students to dream, to reach for the stars, and that inspires them to realize that no goal of theirs is too big.  These students, although I have not met them and you have not met them need your words of courage.  Even if it is simple, please take a minute and consider writing them a letter, sending a card, or emailing myself or Ms. Winger directly.  They need you.

Please click here to find out more on how to help Ms. Winger's students #DreamBig.
Words of inspiration from Ms. Winger's classroom 
Thank you.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Meet Me in St. Louis

I finally made it to the Lou, and officially have a Saint Louis zip code.  My job has been keeping me pretty busy, and will continue to do so until I officially start classes.  It makes me sad because I can't blog as much as I would like until things slow down at the end of the month.

So far, so good though.  I love St. Louis and everything that this city has to offer.  There are so many neighborhoods to explore, my apartment is approximately 12 minutes walking distance from campus, and I have a gorgeous park that goes on for six miles right around the corner.  I really do think I have the best of both worlds because I live right by a major and very busy street with lots of shops and restaurants in an artsy/entertainment district, but my neighborhood is also really quiet.

Just discovered there is a music festival in early September called Lou Fest! It's super affordable and three bands I want to see are all playing on the same day at different times!
Busch Stadium - Cardinals Game! 
I love my job, it's so fun working with the undergraduate population at WashU and really getting to know the campus as if I was experiencing my undergraduate years again too.  The staff in residential life here is incredible, and the students I get to work with are so amazing and brilliant.  They inspire me.  I know we will learn a lot from each other this year.  My favorite part of my day is my walk to and from campus, the weather is perfect (much like Texas in the early fall) and I get to see lots of dogs on the way, which I love.

STL Staple: Frozen Custard :)
Excited for the lineup! 
My bedroom is coming along well 
This is also a great city to be studying social work in.  I cannot help but notice the makeup of the undergraduate population at WashU, diverse in ways, but at the same time crucial similarities.  Similarities that make me question the education systems they were brought up in and why less than 20 miles away are students experiencing some of the worst school systems in the country.  I will continue to explore and offer insight into this.

For now, let me share my gratitude for this transition, for wonderful roommates, and for what's to come in my new city.
The beautiful sunset I get to see on my walk back from campus!
I'll be back as soon as I can!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Transitions // Dignity // Forgiveness

I'm getting SO excited as the summer comes to a close.  I remember getting anxiety, sadness, nostalgia, and about a thousand other not so great feelings last year and the year before that around this time.  It truly makes me thankful and eternally grateful for where my life is going.  I am attempting to appreciate every day and the little things that come with preparing for my new journey to St. Louis.

More than anything I'm excited to start my new part-time job as a graduate fellow with the office of Residential Life.  I've always loved mentoring others and working with young adults.  The excitement of starting college as a freshman is contagious and I cannot wait to share it with incoming students at Washington University.  Second, I just LOVE the program I have enrolled in and it excites me that my hands-on learning begins in the spring semester.  I have the ability to customize my own program based on my future career goals, which if I haven't talked about are rural education and non-profit management.  I also plan to explore the idea of school social work.  The possibilities are endless...

On a different note and a little something more personal I'd like to touch base on apologies.  I think those of us that are most prideful (I am guilty of this) understand that apologizing is hard to do.  A good apology, one that comes from the heart, swallowing that pride, whether a year or five years after should always be appreciated.  Sometimes people don't realize they need to apologize and sometimes it takes time for that apology to be honest.  In my eyes, a genuine apology deserves forgiveness, and forgiveness requires vulnerability and grace.

I am referring to all of this here because recently someone that I used to know reached out to me for reconnection and most importantly with a much needed apology.  I almost considered not opening the e-mail and simply deleting it, but after reading it I was thankful and am eternally grateful for that apology.  I think it was the apology that gave that chapter in my life the closure that was necessary.  The reconnection however, is something I cannot do.  The reconnection is not about a lack of forgiveness or about pride, but about dignity.  Six months ago, or even eight months ago I may have considered accepting reconnection out of politeness.  I have realized, however, that for my own mental health and self-respect I choose to not reconnect.  To this person: thank you, sincerely, for the apology, and I hope you can respect my decision.  

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Project Repat // T-Shirt Blanket

I've been waiting to write a post about my awesome t-shirt blanket! Months ago I bought a Groupon for approximately $67 for a full size (5'x6') t-shirt blanket.  Years ago when I was in college I saw that a friend of mine had one that her grandmother made her and it was absolutely perfect.  I had fallen in love and wanted one ever since.  I never did it because every time I researched online for local people to make one for me the cost exceeded my budget.  Usually at least $200 for the most basic style and definitely ranging in the $300 zone.  Simply too expensive!

Project Repat (the company I bought the Groupon for) is completely affordable and sustainable.  The company is based out of Massachusetts and partners with three different organizations to produce the t-shirt blankets.  One of the partnerships is with a non-profit that provides jobs for people with disabilities! Neat, huh?

How does it work? It's simple, you go to their website and decide what size of blanket you want.  The larger the blanket, the greater the cost and the more t-shirts needed.  The blanket can be as small as a throw made of 9 t-shirts (right now on sale for $70) or as large as a king size bed (8'x8' or 64 t-shirts) and running at $250.  The blankets are made up of 1'x1' squares of  t-shirts on one side and high quality Polar-Tec fleece on the other side.  Oh, and let me add that this is HIGH QUALITY fleece, it's so thick and so warm. You do NOT have to worry about any additional shipping.  Project Repat will send you a kit immediately for you to mail your shirts to them and within 4-6 weeks you'll have a blanket! I was really impressed with the timing of it all.  I'm sure it varies, but the entire process did not take more than 3 weeks for me and I had it shipped from Massachusetts to Texas!

Project Repat also has great customer service, they shoot you an e-mail from an actual person (not one of those automated e-mails you can't respond to) when they receive your shirts.  I e-mailed them to ask if I could have grey fleece (because it wasn't an option online) and they responded immediately saying "of course" and that they would edit my order for me.

The best part about Project Repat and me sharing my blanket with you is that you can use THIS CODE right now to get 15% off your blanket! Take advantage now.

You're welcome!
Happy t-shirt blanket ordering. Feel free to drop me a comment below if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding Project Repat.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Stone Brewing Company

I recently went for a pint this past week and was highly impressed with Stone Brewing Company. They are based out of California and have a variety of darker beers and a truly complex combination of flavors. 

Lately I've been into IPAs a lot. It took a couple of months but my taste finally acquired to the hoppier side of the beer spectrum. I asked the bartender to sample all three Stone IPAs on tap and my favorite was definitely the Cali-Belgique IPA. 

It was crisp, refreshing, but still had a unique blend of flavors. It's robust, yet crisp, with a familiar background. Must be the Belgian style.  

All in all, definitely a thumbs up and worth trying! I would order this again and again. I also gave my brother's Stone stout a try  and it was phenomenal. Stone beers must be tasted. 

Happy drinking!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Nekkid Lips

It's a girly kind of Sunday for me.  After spending far too long feeling sick and miserable after my trip to California I finally felt like myself again yesterday and mustered up the energy to do my hair, put on some makeup, put on a pretty outfit, and basically feel pretty again.

I've been meaning to talk about a couple of things makeup and beauty so here it goes...

Last year I talked about the infamous cat eye and my obsession with this eyeliner. Well, a few weeks back my awesome Stila eyeliner finally winged its last eye because it was time for a new one.  As much as I was tempted to splurge the $20 for a new one (btw: a year is not bad for an eyeliner that is worn 2-3 times a week),  I had seen two or three commercials for the L'Oreal Infallible Super Slim eyeliner.  I caved and decided to try the $8 steal at my local drugstore.  So far, so good. No, it is NOT Stila, and after a year of using the same eyeliner I was very used to it.  The L'Oreal is a GREAT alternative if you cannot justify spending $20 on eyeliner.  It is easy to use, long-lasting, has great precision and the same tip as the Stila, making it easy to create a fine or a thicker line as desired.  My ONLY complaint, if I absolutely had to have one is that I do like the pigment in the Stila more, it is just a wee bit richer.  The L'Oreal is very black and awesome, but I do notice a slight difference in richness.  Other than that, you cannot go wrong with the $8 steal! 

Next on the agenda: lipstick.  I have never been a fan of lipstick, lip stains, lip gloss, or any colored lip product other than good ol' fashioned chapstick.  This is not to say because I am afraid of a little color, in fact I love color and love to try new things.  The problem is my lips.  Well, according to my mother at least.  My lips are already so naturally rouge that many lip colors don't even really stand out unless it's a bright fuchsia or candy apple red.  My mother, who is a lipstick connoisseur is always wanting to try new colors on me at department stores and constantly becomes frustrated because every color looks the same on me...or is not visible.  As a result, I have stayed far away from lipsticks and choose not to even bother. 

I am a fan of nude lips, because my lips are already so naturally bright, I like the idea of toning down my lips when playing up my eyes.  Last week I made the executive decision to give lipstick a try.  It all started with my friend's Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Charm.  I tried it, and fell in love.  It is perfect! Moisturizing, dewy, and the perfect nude. I went on the search for it today and also found Revlon's Lustrous Ultra Shine Lipstick in Pink Cognito which I just adored. 
$7.49 at Target in Charm
Charm on the lips, excuse any chapping...

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink Cognito $5.99 at Target
Pink Cognito! 
Me, I'm just prepping for that tropical vacation of mine.  I'll fill you in on where I'm going as it nears.

Are you a lipstick wearer? What's your favorite shade? Any tips out there?

Off to continue this night of beauty by painting my toes the ultimate nude shade: OPI's Bubble Bath.

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Ultimate Snail Mail

Well, California was amazing (as expected) and never disappointing.  I am literally having withdrawals, my body refused to go back to normal the minute I stepped off that plane.  I have had low energy, a semi-stuffy nose/head, fatigue, loss of apetite, and come and go nausea.

I finally felt well enough to bathe, drink a gatorade, and eat most of my kids meal from Blimpie today.  Oh, and obviously well enough to research these infamous boxes that you can subscribe to monthly or annually.  

I am intrigued...I love snail mail and I love receiving products, especially full-size or partially full-sized products.

The dilemma...Birchbox or Popsugar?

Can I have both?! Here's the thing, my birthday is at the end of the month and ideally I would treat myself to both for at least two months each.    

  • $10/month, free shipping
  • 4-5 sample sized (sometimes you get full) high-end beauty samples
  • All items are customized for you based on your beauty profile
  • Review products and earn points towards your account
  • You can purchase full-sized items on their website 
Popsugar MUST HAVE
  • $35/month, free shipping
  • Save more if you subscribe for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, etc.
  • You receive over $100 worth in full-sized products
  • Must haves in beauty, fitness, home, fashion, and food

Thoughts? Do you subscribe to either of these services? 
I know, I know, as my friend Liz would say, "First world problems."

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Healthy Airport Eats

Isn't it always such a drag getting wholesome foods at the airport? 

Sometimes I just hold off until my next destination to eat, but on days like today when I've been up since 5am with no breakfast and a long layover, I need to fuel up!

My go-to is always Starbucks 
I choose their Perfect Oatmeal: the perfect energy breakfast. Complete with an array of toppings from dried fruit to brown sugar and mixed nuts. 

I also order a tall iced coffee with 2% milk , cinnamon, sans sweetener. 

If I cannot find a Starbucks in my airport or terminal there is usually a Smoothie King (or similar place). I find the best smoothie that will keep me full the longest but is still fairly lean. Usually some kind of chocolate protein, banana, and peanut butter. 

Still struggling to find something, most convenience stores at airports have energy bars as fresh fruit. Opt for that until you reach your destination. 

What about you, any airport breakfast faves?

Off to catch up with this girl, who just caught up with me at Dallas DFW!

Do you know the way to San Jose?!

Posting from the plane this morning!!!

So very excited to be reunited with three lovely girlfriends of mine in the Bay Area. 

I am attending a traditional Punjabi wedding and could not be more ready to soak in the cultural experience. 

See y'all on the Pacific Coast! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stay Glassy

Today's post is a little different, it's about being chic, stylish, and classy glassy. If unlike me you are not a glassy person don't stop reading, this post is still for you! 

A couple of months back I went to the optometrist and she told me my eyesight was getting worse because of my overuse of contact lenses. Given that I have been wearing contact lenses since I was twelve and rarely take them off it made sense to me. So in March I went on the virtual journey to find the perfect set of glasses that I would feel chic, smart, and stylish in. This is how I encountered Warby Parker and they are the sole reason behind my post today.

Wearing the Sims in Striped Sassafras 
 Warby Parker specializes in eyewear (both prescribed and non-prescribed glasses and sunglasses). Their concept:

"Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to create boutique-quality, classically crafted eyewear at a revolutionary price point." 

Um, hello, this is exactly what I had been searching for! I've always wanted "cool" glasses, but designer frames can cost you up to $400. I want to be able to change my glasses at minimum annually and not feel like I have burnt a hole in my wallet by doing so each time. Warby Parker does just this by providing high quality, custom-fit glasses with anti-reflective, polycarbonate prescriptive (or non) lenses.

Now, let's get to my favorite part...if I haven't convinced you by now to go check out Warby Parker then you need to know that they are all about giving. Worldwide almost one billion people lack access to glasses. This means that 15% of the population cannot effectively learn or work. Warby Parker ensures that for every pair of glasses (sunglasses too!) that is sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need. (Read more here).
Let's sum up why you should give Warby Parker a try:
  • Affordable 
  • High Quality 
  • Glasses and Sunglasses (prescribed or non-prescribed) 
  • Free Shipping
  • At Home Try-On w/amazing feedback and customer service on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
I used the Home Try-On Program! 

The Meridian collection launches today! It's perfect for summer, perfect for traveling. You can get these designer quality frames in time for your next vacation. Who doesn't love a classic aviator?! Oh, and not to mention they look good on both men & women. Prescription or non-prescription, your sunglasses are still going to be a fraction of what you would pay for designer.

The Exley in Polished Gold and Jet Silver on top
The Raskin with a larger lens & wider frame available in Polished Gold and Jet Silver 
The Flannery is a medium fit pair also available in Polished Gold and Jet Silver.  I especially love the tortoise detail on the Jet Silver Flannery! 

Can't decide what pair would look best? Keep in mind that you can choose all three styles in more than one color for your Home Try-On now! 

Happy shopping.

Do you own a pair of Warby Parkers? Do you love them as much as I do? Comment below.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Fashion Friday

Since I slacked on WIWW (What I Wore Wednesday), let's do a Fashion Friday for kicks.

Happy Friday!

Today I spent a lot of time organizing some t-shirts and packing them into a box to mail to Project Repat.  You see I've been wanting a t-shirt blanket for a good while now, and finally the other day a Groupon became available for one! I bought it back in January or February and had to redeem it by July 1st. Being the procrastinator I am, I of course, finally decided it was time to take care of business.  Project Repat is a company that is way more affordable than your typical t-shirt quilt maker and are high-quality and awesome.  I will make sure to post my results once my blanket shows up in 4-6 weeks.  Hopefully before I head out to St. Louis!

Now for today's outfit.  I'm obsessed with skirts--maxi, mid-length, tiered, I love skirts.  I'm not usually a Forever 21 shopper, quite frankly the store is overwhelming and I am too indecisive to spend less than 30 minutes there and get what I want.  Also, I don't like their return policy.  However, when I am having a fashion obsession (ie. skirts) I track down the most affordable location for it. This means FoFo (Forever 21), H&M (doesn't exist back home), or TJ Maxx.  This is just a forewarning as to all the skirts you may be seeing me in.

Second, the necklace I'm wearing in the pictures I scouted from TJ Maxx. I've been looking for a great simple and classic piece of turquoise jewelry that is truly timeless and chic.  I fell in love with this pure turquoise necklace I found at less than $25 (STEAL!).

Before you see the outfit, please excuse the selfies, I usually find someone to take a picture of me, but I lacked a friend today.
Genuine Gemstone Turquoise Necklace - TJ Maxx
Blouse & Skirt - Forever 21
Belt - Stein Mart
Sandals (not visible) - Target circa 2008 
Tiered Skirt 
Hope your weekend is off to a great start ;)

Unpacking // Nostalgia

I have always hated unpacking, okay who really likes doing this awful chore anyway (don't answer that)?  But really, I am the person who will literally take weeks before unpacking a suitcase.  Now, packing, I'm quite a champ at, but when it comes to unloading suitcases I need to be forced after three weeks of it sitting (just ask my roommates).  I have attempted to get into the habit of immediately unpacking within thirty minutes of arriving so that I am not putting it off like the slacker I am. Has not been entirely successful yet.

My procrastination when it comes to unpacking is probably why it did not surprise me one bit when I also put off to metaphorically unpack the emotions in my life.  If I reflect back on the past two years, a LOT has happened.  I am a completely different me than I was May of 2011.  One of my best friends pointed out to me that it's that time, time to unpack, partly because new chapters are unfolding in my life, risks are being taken, and he deserves someone who travels light.  Someone who has washed the crinkled up clothes that have been sitting there for entirely too long, maybe even throw some out because they have gone out of style.

So, here I am as I unpack the past two years of my life, with vulnerability and no hesitations.

Currently - I am relaxing at home, in the Rio Grande Valley, spending time with my family.  It is absolute bliss not having a care in the world (well, sort of).  I am taking time for myself, recharging, appreciating myself.  Current schedule: wake up, read, run errands (if any), gym, read, eat, repeat.  No regrets because I know it will be busy, busy, busy come August when school starts for me.

Louisiana - you can read more about my feelings about teaching here, but my time in Louisiana ended up being a true blessing.  I have a little cajun in my soul and I would not change the past two years of my life for anything.

Mon sha - the current man in my life.  He was unexpected, like I met you once and mindlessly flirted landing my friends and I with a little something extra.  As in, I went out with you thinking it would be a one time thing, a one week thing, a just-til-I-leave-in-May thing.  I am not sure about a lot of things with him, but he makes sense right now.  We are completely different, he likes black, I like white.  He prefers classic rock and roll to my favorite Jason Aldean country song.  I drink beer, he drinks....something else (ha!).  He is nothing like anyone I have ever met in Louisiana, and that might be my favorite part.  He's loyal, and kind, he's respectful, and means what he says.  He has strong opinions, but is always willing to listen to the opinion of others.  We are learning about each other, and I will keep y'all posted on how the test goes.

May 2011 - May 2012 - this was byfar the most difficult period in my life early twenties.  I not only transitioned out of college and into the "real world", which was extremely scary, but I also moved to a new state and started one of the most difficult and underrated jobs someone can have in our country.  I was dating someone pretty seriously at the time.  Let me define "pretty serious", I thought that we would be engaged by December 2013 and Married by the end of 2014 (wtf?! GTFO?! I know....).  Anyway, this person, although I was in love at the time, added a lot of good things to my life and I learned many things.  Among many things he taught me patience, to listen, to be selfless, and overall more sensitive to the needs of others.  However, instead of growing into a person I loved, sadly I closed off to others, especially my best friends.  Instead of becoming a better version of myself I began asking myself what I did wrong and how I could better myself for him, because he never made me feel good enough.  Frankly, I was never that attracted to him physically (but still blinded by love), though he was to me.  I could never "give" him what he needed, and though I tried and tried and tried, it never appeared to be enough.  I gave, and gave, and gave, and gave, and gave, and really and truly I was drained.  Things about me that were never an issue at the start of the relationship turned into LIFE issues at the end of it.  Instead of giving the selfless support I needed when my life got so tough I almost  quit everything I had worked for and moved back to Texas, he sunk me down.  To this day it overwhelms my chest with anxiety to think of the person I had become.  I was not myself, I was not happy, I was not light and sunny, I felt heavy and drained at the same time.

I went through a period of pure abstinence from men/dating/love, I was enjoying being single and learning to be me by myself and loving who I had always been.  Somehow sometime between Seattle and the beginning of 2013 I learned to become lighter than I've ever been.  I opened up a side of me I never have before.  I did it with my students, so why shouldn't I do it in real life?  Things that used to bother me as much just didn't, I became more vulnerable and open to love and new things.  I told myself I would never again let a relationship get in the way of friendships, I would protect my heart, but without a fear to let others in.  It's a process in the making, just ask my best friends :)

Now, commitment is something I have to work through.  I'm talking long-term commitments.  This is a fear I will talk about next time....

I am emotionally exhausted, as I'm sure you are too if you're still reading this.  Off to paint my nails something other than "Cajun Shrimp" ;)

Tomorrow is Fashion Friday because I slacked on What I Wore Wednesday.

If you've been with me this entire time, have you seen me grow through this blog? 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

An Ode to Louisiana

Ma chère Louisiane,

Though I have hated you at times when my life was crumbling, I now cannot seem to get you out of my skin.  You are permanently engrained in me.  Your culture, your accents, your ways.  My two years spent amidst your bayous and swamplands have put a little cajun in my soul.  The start of October will always have a certain ring with the voices of my first students excited for the opening of squirrel season.
Spring Bayou at Twilight
Summer 2011
Louisiane, your food has taught me that I must have been a cajun in a past life.  Cracklin's, etouffees, gumbos, and understanding that rice and gravy is not as literal as it sounds.  Your beer has been good to me, and your seasonal Abita Strawberry makes me as excited as Texas' Shiner Cheer at Christmas time.   Your love for a good time has given new meaning to parades and festivals, for you like to throw one for any and EVERY occasion.

I will miss the ability to purchase hard liquor at my local convenience store, though I never found the need for it, I liked knowing it was a possibility.  Or purchasing an adult slushy (aka: daiquiri) after a hard day, and never being carded at bars though we both know I look twelve.

The love obsession for college football, like I've never seen before.  The start of Mardi Gras season and days off from work to assure a time well spent.  I will miss these things.  Zydeco, and it's reminders of home with the accordion and traditional dance.

The cajun french, I fell in love, mostly because I could understand.  Maybe it was my background in Spanish, or my background in French, either way I was connected.  From catin (not a prostitute in Louisiane), to couillon for fools, or referring to kitty cats as minou minou's.  Fais do do to bed, canaille,   de's instead of the's and ax instead of ask, chiren for the kids, coo! when excited, IF! to affirm something,

Louisiane, I will miss your lack of prepositions, your questions sounding like statements, and as many Brouillettes, Couvillions, Gauthiers, Gaspards, Thibodeauxs, Lemoines, DeSotos, Dauzats, Dauzarts as there are Smiths, Jacksons, Johnsons, Garcias, or Rodriguez.

But most of all I am going to miss the people who have touched my soul.  To every student I had the honor of teaching, I am sorry I was not always the best, but I am grateful for the opportunity to teach you.  I am thankful for the opportunity to help shape you into a better version of yourself.  I am sorry if I you caught me in a frustrated state or if you were never told how much I cared.  I am going to miss those who made Louisiana welcoming, perfect, and a place I will always call my home.
Let the good times roll, but do it slowly.
This is not auvoir it is à plus tard.  You are my second home, you have a piece of my heart, and I'll be seeing you.
Cheers to good things that are going to happen...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Checking in

Remember my mantra?
Now that we are one third of the way through 2013 (eek!) I think it's a perfect time to check in with my goals for the year.  

Let's take a look back at what I said here.

Personal Goals
  • Go on a blind date
  • Ask someone out on a date, because who says I can't go after what I want?
  • Find a more unified theme for my blog, and increase my viewing audience
  • Go on at least four brewery tours by the end of the year
  • Ride a hot air balloon
  • Send birthday packages/care packages/cards to show I love my family and friends 
  • Buy all Christmas gifts by the end of November
  • Send out Christmas cards by the first week of December
  • Make a habit out of reading CNN, just like I read blogs/social media sites
    • Every time I open social media I have to open CNN or another news source
  • Minimizing all meat intake to once a week I've done a great job doing this so far
  • Go ALL OUT for holidays (Valentine's, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Mardi Gras)
  • Travel abroad at least once this year 
  • Travel to NYC, New Orleans, Dallas (for you, Sarah), Boston, Seattle, and Santa Fe
  • Take another road trip across the country
  • See more of my best friends (in person)
  • Go to at least one concert
Physical Goals
  • Continue to improve my yoga practice, and master at least two more headstands, including variations of dolphin and scorpion
  • Join a yoga studio by the end of September 2013
  • Join a gym with spinning classes by the end of September 2013 and join
  • Find a team sport/ book club (not physical, but still) / beer tasting club or other group the join by October 2013
Professional Goals
  • If accepted to a graduate program I want to choose one that will help achieve my long-term professional goals
  • Apply to work at Teach For America's Summer Institute to gain professional development and better improve my management skills and leading a group of people towards success. Decided not to apply after all.  
  • Give my students a purpose every day for why they are in my classroom, with a goal-driven mindset until they exit in May 2013
  • Mentor at minimum two more students individually on their life goals
  • Set up a field trip for my Spanish I & Spanish II students by end of March 2013
  • Make sure I am always doing something to work for social justice, whether that is volunteering somewhere new, helping individuals, or donating to a cause.
Not bad, huh? Lots has been happening since the last time I graced the blog world with my presence.  Let's recap...
  • I went home to Texas and spent an incredible amount of time with one of my best friends
Taken in East Austin, Texas
Bluebonnets are the Texas state flower and bloom in the springtime in the Hill Country
  • Continued to sit on my porch
  • Started reading the book Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

The Mantra by Rivet and Sway on top and the Sims frame by Warby Parker on the bottom
  • Went to the beach

  • Drank some good craft beer 

What are you reading/drinking/enjoying? 
Have you checked in on your New Year's Resolutions?