Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Other Green Monster

Fourth of July absolutely WORE ME OUT! I woke up and could not move.  I'm already really sore from Tuesday's new yoga cycle, my arms are killing me.  We did a lot of strengthening that focused on the upper body.  My legs are sore from a workout too, and on top of that I think the long day yesterday just sealed the deal.  I woke up to go to the gym and my body was just saying NO.  My brain was arguing with my body.  Here's what the conversation sounded like:

Body: AHHHHHH, you're killing me!
Brain: Come on! Up and at 'em.  You need to get to spinning class, I think you'll get a spot today!
Body: I don't care, I can barely lift my butt.
Brain: But, you've been working so hard.  
Body: Were you NOT at the beach yesterday?
Brain: Well, I did wander off for a bit to daydream.
Body: EXACTLY. You lose, I am staying put.  Try again this evening. 
Brain: Fine.
Body: Fine.

This concluded with a couple more hours of sleep, which was just what my body needed.  

Anyway, the real purpose of this post is because I've been on a Green Tea kick lately.  I need to hydrate some more, I've been slacking off on my summer water intake.  I brew green tea, ice it, and replace water with it in my water bottle.  

I've been using the Lipton brand of Green Tea bags
I brew about six or so, cups and steep about 4-6 tea bags for about 1-1.5 mins
Now some argue that it's best to use loose tea leaves, but I am a tea steeping amateur and I don't feel the need to search high and low for loose tea leaves in the Rio Grande Valley.  Maybe if this becomes a habit and I find myself doing it for at least two months I will consider buying loose tea leaves.  For now, this will have to do.  Same thing goes for an electric kettle.

Benefits to green tea? Many, many, many.  Really though.  Among them you've probably heard about the antioxidant hype that green tea has, right?  One of the antioxidants in green tea are catechins. Catechins help to break down fats and they also produce an inflammitory substance that triggers hunger.  Green tea is also said to increase weight loss when combined with physical activity.  
Green tea is delicious and perfect, especially with lemon and honey.  Despite these benefits, all I know is that if drinking green tea is wrong I don't wanna be right ;)

What's helping you get all of your water intake this summer? 

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