Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dear University of Washington...

Dear University of Washington (Seattle),

As I sit here at 10:53 PM (CT) with no response as to whether or not you have denied or accepted me to your school of social work, the thought of moving to St. Louis is sounding extra appealing.  I am currently reading the WashU Brown School of Social Work blog and daydreaming about the possibility of living in the midwest.

I am frustrated, growing impatient, and cannot conceive how your "by February" decision turned into "sometime in February" and is quickly turning into "last day of February."  I do not mean to sound whiney or ungrateful, but please do not let me wait until March....


- A Very Anxious and Ambitious-Possible-Husky

Monday, February 18, 2013

Struck Gold

Ever feel like you've found gold and it takes two to three weeks for everyone else to find it too?  That is how I feel about this song.  I heard it back in December for the first time, fell in love with it in early January, and now it is showing up everywhere.  Oh, and it's also my mantra for 2013. Here's a couple of covers I really appreciate:

Back to my original thought for this post--NYC.  There were many cool and hip places in NYC.  Here are a couple I'd check out if plan on checking out the city anytime soon.  

Wilfie & Nell - I had drinks at this lovely and quite cozy bar in the West Village.  I am also certain that I saw Al Pacino's twin there.  It was absolutely perfect and intimate. A perfect date spot.  Highly recommend it for late night talks and drinks.

Hudson Clearwater - is a swanky West Village restaurant with an intimate NYC feel.  We had a large group for a dinner party when I went here and I was thoroughly impressed by the fact that even though we were in a secluded and romantic nook, we were never abandoned.  They had some amazing cocktails on the menu and the food was fantastic.  The restaurant is a bit hidden, but a true gem and the ambiance was my favorite. 

The Standard Biergarten - When I first knew we were going to a biergarten in Chelsea I never thought it would be a traditional German-style one.  The glass enclosed hangout has Oktoberfest-style picnic tables with few cocktail tables and ping pong tables on the sides.  A full bar is available as well as three German beers to choose from: a pils, a wheat, and a black lager.  I had the black lager and will be reviewing it in the near future.  Didn't have any of the apps, but the pretzels and dogs looked delicious.  This is one of those places that definitely seemed worthy of hitting up before dinner with friends or a casual date night. 

Sarita's Macarconi & Cheese - I first heard about this place on television awhile back, probably on one of those food network shows.  It definitely takes a modern twist on the ideal comfort food.  I recommend the sampler which includes my favorites: the Parisienne, the La Mancha, and the Napolitana. Yum! 

Big Gay Ice-Cream - I went to this hip ice-cream shop in the East Village when my good friend from college, Erica took me on a food tour of her favorite spots.  It was perfect and delicious and, well, totally gay :) I had The Salty Pimp, and you will just have to click on the link to find out for yourself what that consists of. 

The Westway - Such a fun experience!! I was definitely creeped out at the beginning because I thought it was a strip club, that's because it used to be one.  It definitely feels like you are time traveling back to 1979, or into a Quentin Tarantino film.  The DJ was absolutely awesome playing some great hits from today and some amazing oldies that didn't make you feel like you were dancing at your cousin's wedding.  It's perfect for dancing, especially if you've always wanted to dance on a light up dance floor...check.

Have you been to any of these places? 

I plan on taking it easy this Monday evening, it's raining and I'm tired.  I plan on catching up on Girls, finishing Perks of Being a Wallflower, and maybe getting some grades on the computer.  
Happy Monday, wish me luck on my phone interview for WashU Scholarships tomorrow! 

Saturday, February 16, 2013


I plan on sharing my favorite beers that I had in NYC soon we well as a recap of my favorite restaurants and nightlife spots, but before I get to that I must share the best part of my trip.  I was hoping that my NYC trip would be a reward to myself accepted to graduate school.  I was disappointed to find out that University of Washington (Seattle) had deferred their decision to "sometime in February" and Washington University in St. Louis seemed to be going in the same direction.  

I was pleasantly surprised to find that on my hectic train ride to the Newark Airport I received a phone call from Missouri and was honored to find that the number one ranked program in Social Work had accepted me.  I feel so extremely humbled and blessed, and very thankful to all who have supported me throughout this process.  No, I have not made a decision on my attendance to this program, I have to analyze finances and scholarships because, after all, it is a very expensive school (being private and all), but I feel extremely happy.  

Also, please keep me in your thoughts and send MANY good vibes and thoughts my way as I compete for a BIG scholarship.  I have a phone interview on Tuesday regarding major scholarships for this program at WashU.  I hope to have a decision from University of Washington in Seattle soon. 

For now, time to celebrate!!! 

"La joie de vivre"

My heart is SO full.  Full of humility, love, gratefulness, and happiness.  I am so thankful for how blessed I have been this year.  I feel as though I have been living up to my goals and resolutions so far.  The most important "la joie de vivre" - the joy of living.  

Let's take a look at some personal goals here from this post.

Personal Goals
  • Go on a blind date
  • Ask someone out on a date, because who says I can't go after what I want?
  • Find a more unified theme for my blog, and increase my viewing audience
  • Go on at least four brewery tours by the end of the year
  • Ride a hot air balloon
  • Send birthday packages/care packages/cards to show I love my family and friends 
  • Buy all Christmas gifts by the end of November
  • Send out Christmas cards by the first week of December
  • Make a habit out of reading CNN, just like I read blogs/social media sites
    • Every time I open social media I have to open CNN or another news source
  • Minimizing all meat intake to once a week
  • Go ALL OUT for holidays (Valentine's, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Mardi Gras)
  • Travel abroad at least once this year 
  • Travel to NYC, New Orleans, Dallas (for you, Sarah), Boston, Seattle, and Santa Fe
  • Take another road trip across the country
  • See more of my best friends (in person)
  • Go to at least one concert

That's pretty darn successful for February 2013, especially considering I had not purchased plane tickets or concert ticket to either.  I feel good about this list, and I think it's definitely possible to complete everything by December.

I just returned from my trip to New York City and it was incredible.  I had the most wonderful time with my roommate visiting friends, being young, and simply living.  I'd love to give a brief update in pictures and a short list of places I highly enjoyed.  I have never felt so alive in the city, and even though I have no desire of living there, it was a blast to visit as a twenty-something.

Of course we arrived in the middle of Blizzard Nemo
Made a new friend on the left, reunited with a new friend on the right, and had a great time with my roomie 
NYC streets were dead in the middle of the night during Nemo
But the snow made Central Park look magical the next morning


Met up with my college friend,  Erica! 
She took me to the Big Gay Ice-Cream Shop!  
The baby was soft serve with caramel topped with sea salt and covered in chocolate! 
There was a romance about Washington Square Park
Serendipity has legit hot dogs! 
But they are even more serious about their Frozen Hot Chocolate!  
Beauty in the Upper West Side
NYC night life
Craziness in Grand Central Station
Ended the trip with a PHENOMENAL performance by Mumford & Sons
Huge venue, but I was honored to be SO, SO, close to the stage
Are you experiencing "La joie de vivre" this year?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thoughts From A Tuesday...

From my Twitter feed...

  • I listen to certain music genres during different seasons of the year.  Coffeehouse-indie-type stuff in the fall and winter, mainstream pop and country in the summer and spring.  For some reason this past week I've been on a country music kick.  I don't understand.  Lots of country music.  Lovey, dovey, wanna-be-your-valentine-type songs.  It's a bit disgusting and different for me this time of year.

  • I love, love, love Valentine's Day! So, so much.  Always have.  Regardless of anything going on that day I will treat myself to a nice dinner at my favorite restaurant.  

  • NYC in two days! I'm thrilled to take a trip to the city and to possibly see Mumford & Sons in concert! It's going to be incredible.  If you live there and you're my friend I sure hope I get to see you. 

  • I'm also obsessed with the song below these days.  LOVE their album, and it's my new go-to album on my commute to work.  

Honey can't you see
I was born to be, be your dead sea

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Dream For Him

So many students have touched my heart so deeply.  I could tell you stories for days....

Tonight I have this one particular student on my heart.  I am currently serving as his mentor you could say.  I have taken him under my wing even though he is not my student this semester.  I see an immense amount of potential in him, and he works harder than many of the other students I have taught in the past.  He has an incredible work ethic and I am immensely proud to have taught him for two consecutive years.  

I realized recently that sometimes students like this, even while we may think they will reach beyond the stars, don't always realize they can.  We, as their teachers, their mentors, their parents, their peers, and their friends, have to dream for them.  We have to set their goals high and show them that we believe they can achieve anything.  

This is exactly what I'm doing for this kid.  I have a dream for him, a dream he will have the opportunity to expose himself to a world outside of Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana.  Exposure to an engineering camp this summer, exposure to an excellent math education.  A dream that he will advocate for himself and for the education he deserves.  A dream that with my help and the help of those who care about him he will raise his ACT score and have the opportunity to attend college out of state at an affordable cost.  That he will realize the injustice he has lived and doing his part to prevent that from continuing in this nation one day.

I have a dream for him.  It is moments like this when my chest is overwhelmed and I know I am reassured about where I want my career to take me.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

"I water my grass all day, every day..."

Sometimes you just have to keep on keeping on--know what I mean?!

January has been full of fun, and living, and downs, but lots of ups too.  Updates, in pictures? Sure, why not.

  • I am beginning to feel immense guilt about leaving this place come May.  My school, my students, a place that has changed me and shaped my life's vision.  I am not sure if I could truly justify with words the way this little parish in central Louisiana has touched me.  May will surely be bittersweet.  

  • My cousin came to visit for MLK weekend with her boyfriend and that was a blast.  I took her to all the local places and we went to NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana for those of you who never heard the acronym--Sean).  
  • Thank you for coming, prima.  I love you so much and am so proud of who you have become since we were little girls playing Barbies.

At the local Daquiri Bar
New Orleans has an incredible energy about it.  This was at the Frenchman Art Market 

  •  I felt so twenty-something.  I admired and appreciated art, something I take for granted much too often.  I forget how much I love just walking around and appreciating what other people take the time to create.  I may or may not have purchased three pieces of art.  

Best bar EVER.  The Carousel Bar inside of the Hotel Monteleone
  • New Orleans was just fantastic.  I had not been there post-Katrina, even since I've been in living in Louisiana now.  Most people who know I live here don't realize that New Orleans is not just around the corner.  People also don't realize that Louisiana culture varies from the north to central to south Louisiana.  I definitely loved the vibe in New Orleans.  The Carousel Bar was a great place to people watch, listen to jazz, and sit at a bar that went around and around (slooowly of course) in Carousel fashion.  
The original Raising Cane's in Baton Rouge, LA.
Our first King Cake of the season in the spirit of Mardi Gras from Sucre.

It's not a NOLA trip without some Cafe Du Monde
Beignets & Cafe au laits

  •  If you notice in the photograph above, I finally gave in and purchased some LSU gear.  You know you've been officially adapted to Louisiana culture when you wear some purple and gold. Oh, and when you stop calling it purple and yellow...oops.

  • Then one fine MLK day, I was in a car accident. With whom?  Just with a girl who had her license for all of, oh, one month at the ripe age of sixteen.  I was at a green light and she was turning left in the opposite direction into oncoming traffic (AKA: me).  On the bright side, no one was hurt, she got a ticket, hopefully learned her lesson, and had insurance.    
My current rental: a black charger. Oh, I look SO fast and the furious in this.
  • But, among all the ups and downs, I have these beautiful ladies to keep me company and keep me smiling.  I treasure our wining and dining like last Thursday night.  Maybe even scoring us some free creme brûlée on the side.  
  • On a final note, the University of Washington (Seattle) grad school has now delayed their decision until "sometime in February."  But patience is a virtue, right y'all ;)
How did January treat you?