Saturday, July 21, 2012

El camino

On the road again...
The next time I write a post I will be in the city of angels! I write from the road. We are currently in Arizona past Phoenix and getting closer to the California border :)

I slept shortly after getting to San Antonio last night and woke up when we arrived to the outskirts of El Paso early in the morning. I have stayed awake ever since. The scenery is just so beautiful, and while I've been to both Arizona and California I've never experienced it in a car. I love the mountains and the beauty in the desert of the southwest. The heat is a bit extreme, but it's not humid like what I'm used to, which makes it so much more bearable for me. I'm appreciating every moment and cannot wait to share more when I arrive to California.

For now I will leave y'all with a couple of pictures from the trip so far. If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, I apologize for the repeats.

One last thing, my favorite artist, Amos Lee, recorded his last album Mission Bell in Tucson so I will leave you with one of his songs in the spirit of things.

Outside the New Mexico welcome center early in the morning.
My niece and I excited to be in New Mexico
Entering Arizona
Dirt twister in the distance
El Paso, Texas
In-N-Out Burger outside of Phoenix, Arizona


  1. Oh man, totally jealous of your roadtrip! I definitely miss Arizona.

    1. I have only experienced Arizona with the White Mountain Apache Tribe. I need to check out Phoenix and other places too! I loved what I saw though! Where in Arizona did you live?