Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pour Thing - Part 2

Let me start with a disclaimer saying that I drink responsibly and because of how heavy beer feels in my stomach I will usually not have more than two at a time.  Fact: I am one of the biggest light weights you will ever encounter.  I am only 5'3" and don't drink regularly, I try to limit my alcohol intake due to its effects on fitness performance and my health.  So, while I may have a beautiful relationship with beer, we keep it long distance ;)

This will be my last beer post for the time being and when I encounter some more beers I love I will add them to a mental list and will make sure and continue beer posts in the future.  So here we go...

The Shiner brewery is in the town of Shiner, Texas.  There are plenty of great brews from Shiner and among them are Shiner Blonde and the Hefeweizen, but I will enlighten y'all with three of my personal favorites.  The classic Shiner Bock, Shiner Cheer, and the seasonal Shiner Ruby Redbird.

My favorite thing about Shiner Bock is how rich it is yet not bitter at all, it is smooth and perfect.  The bock tends to make me sleepy and reminds me of good times camping with friends.  When in doubt grab yourself a Shiner Bock.

Next up, the Shiner Ruby Redbird.  Here's two little known facts about me, my favorite fruit is grapefruit and I come from the Rio Grande Valley.  Redbird is brewed with Ruby Red Grapefruits that are grown in the RGV, are we a perfect match or what?  Shiner Ruby Redbird is perfect for summertime and has a crisp and clean taste, especially with ginger in it too.  Perhaps it's also the perfect cure for an upset stomach?

Another seasonal favorite of many Texans is Shiner Cheer.  Ahhhh I think my soul cries a little when Christmas day is over because I know that Shiner Cheer won't be found in stores until the following year.  Shiner Holiday Cheer is pure holiday joy in my mouth.  It's fruity, but not too sweet.  Even though I miss it when it's gone, it wouldn't be as special if I could have Christmas every day, ya know? 
The classic Shiner Bock - rich, smooth, perfect.
Summer Seasonal Ruby Redbird - fruity and refreshing!
Your taste buds will be singing "Happy Holidays" after this party in your mouth.
512 is a brewing company in Austin, Texas.  The three digits for the name of the company coincide with the area code of the city and it's surrounding area.  512 has their main four: the Wit, the Pale, the IPA, and the Pecan Porter.  I'm a fan of the Wit and the Pecan Porter.  The 512 Wit is a belgian-style wheat spiced with coriander and grapefruit peel.  The taste is spicy and crisp.  I love the unique flavor of the Wit, it tastes nothing like other wheat beers I've had.  The Pecan Porter is another beer brewed with local pecans.  But unlike Lazy Magnolia's Southern Pecan mentioned here it is a porter, which means a full bodied beer with rich chocolatey maltiness. Sadly though, if you don't live in Texas the 512 beers are a rare find.  Look for them in the Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and of course Austin areas.  
The 512 Wit is unlike any other wheat I've had.  Spicier and a little more bitter than most.  
The 512 Pecan Porter makes me want to sit in an old pub with my closest friends
 Pyramid Breweries originated in the Pacific Northwest.  (Hey Lisa, you should go visit one of the breweries! Or just wait for me to visit you and we can go together.)  I've only tried the Pyramid Hefeweizen and the Pyramid Apricot Ale.  Hefeweizens I quickly learned are wheat beers.  The word "Hefe" in German means yeast and "weizen" means wheat.  When I don't want to step too much out of my comfort zone, but am interested in trying a new beer I quickly look for the word hefeweizen and know that it's safe for me.  The Pyramid Apricot Ale comes in such a pretty bottle...presentation says a lot my friends!  The Apricot Ale is a wheat as well, but it has a unique fruity undertone.  MmmMmmMmm

Excellent Wheat
A wheat with personality
The Magic Hat brewing company in Vermont.  My brother introduced me to their #9 beer during a crawfish boil.  It is a pale ale with apricot, but unlike the Pyramid Apricot Ale it is not a wheat beer.  So it is a little bit richer, stronger, but still crisp and refreshing.  I loved the #9, it was such a unique combination of flavors.  For those who are fans of Pale Ales you should note that #9 is a pale ale that is not very pale ale-y.  The fruity flavor is more of a hint rather than the overwhelming flavor in the beer.  I can't wait to have another one! 
Doesn't this bottle make you want to try it?
...and that is all for now my friends.  I plan to keep add another beer post in the future, but you'll just have to wait and see.  As for y'all: 

Did you have a cold one this weekend? If so, what was your brew of choice?

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