Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stars Aligned//Salmon//Seattle

Before you read, do yourself a favor and let us feel the nostalgia of the 90's with this classic:

I think my life was just made complete.  Can I tell y'all why?!

Wait, wait, wait...let me SHOW y'all

Look at the bottom right hand corner.
and this...

Obviously the stars have aligned and this is almost too good to be true, but I am way too excited about this graduate program that sounds perfect for me.  Can it be any more of a coincidence that it, A. doesn't require a GRE, B. is in Seattle, and C. is top-ranked?!!  

I am trying not to get myself too psyched, but it's official that my application for graduate school begins NOW.  I am calling my career counselor from college and focusing on this so that I can make the December early deadline.  May have to take a human biology course next semester, but SO WHAT?!!! Seattle is becoming a bigger and better possibility for my future.  Oh, Pacific Northwest I just have the best feeling about you.  

Also, I called my mom and I think she can accept this.  She sounded happy and excited for me.  I need to prepare her psychologically for this possibility.  Prayers, prayers, and many prayers for this opportunity please.  

On a different note, my dear sweet Lisa posted the first photographs from our shoot this past weekend.  She did an INCREDIBLE job, go take a look and leave her a comment.  Seriously hiring this girl for my wedding one day.  I cannot wait until the film shots come in.  

Final thoughts: 
  • I made some Salmon in a bag for my roommates tonight
  • Easiest and most delicious way I've cooked salmon
  • Thank you, Pinterest for the idea
  • Check out the play by play below...
Fresh lemon slices, salmon, drizzle of EVOO, Earth Balance, Salt & Peppah, and topped with Cilantro! 
All wrapped in a bag made of foil
Ready to go into the oven at 350 degrees for 25 mins 
Turning out like this :)
Paired with Basmati Cilantro rice like this...
And a class of wine to celebrate!


  1. Ahhhhh! Laura! That is serisouly the best news! It's all falling into place. And I couldn't be more happier for you <3

    Definitely going to pray for all of this.

    1. It's too much to take in. I was so excited I had trouble falling asleep. I hope it works out, I really really do :)

      Thank you for the prayers, we'll leave it to God.