Saturday, September 8, 2012

High or Low

Friday consisted of: 
  • Testing
  • Not assisting the pep rally
  • Not assisting the football game as a result of not feeling pepped
  • Grading approximately 100 binders 
  • Oh, and of course the usual Washington nostalgia

Friday night in my classroom grading too many binders
Thankfully I had a Southern Pecan to make up for it at the end of the day
Tomorrow is a Saturday for more grading, going to professional development with TFA, and looking forward to a belated birthday dinner for one of my roommates. We are wining and dining at the local hot spot.  Don't worry, pictures to come.  

Expect a preview of my favorite shots from Lisa.  If you'd like to go check out our road trip pictures they can be found here.  Thank you so much Lisa for capturing beautiful memories and using them to inspire you to create :) 

I've been playing and replaying the playlist of music that I remember hearing in Seattle, one of which was introduced to me by my new friend Stephen.  I will leave you with that.  Possible Halloween costume inspiration: four girls in Tuxedos greeting trick-or-treaters at the door.  YES. Thank you, Janelle Monae. 

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  1. AW! I'm sending you the full sized version of the pictures so you can print and hang! :) Miss you! <3