Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Inversion #1...Check!

My first yoga goal: doing an inversion (headstand) successfully using only my core strength and balancing. CHECK.
Salamba Sirasana - Headstand 
So much arm strength :) 
Don't worry, I got so excited I decided to try again outside at home.  
Belle, the cat was obviously amused by my headstand
 Yesterday I attempted to do this in class without the use of a wall and got so excited that I flipped forward and fell hard on my caboose.  Still hurts, don't you worry.  Today, I practiced before trying it without a wall to break my fall.  I just feel so accomplished.  This pose does not hurt the head if your weight is distributed evenly throughout your arms.  I barely put any pressure on my head and believe it or not it is extremely relaxing.  I take a couple of deep breaths, keep my core sucked in, and imagine a youthful glow taking over my face.

Inversion goal number #2: to master a second headstand by December. I CAN DO IT!

For all your yoga fans, here is a video I hope you enjoy.

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