Monday, September 17, 2012

"Of my heart to see"

I just paid for something really expensive.  Well, for shoes, okay boots.  When I think of the fact that I have wanted these boots for years and years...(no I am not exaggerating) I can justify how okay it is for me to have purchased them.  I am using birthday money I never used, so it's really okay, right?  That, and I never splurge this much on myself.  Check these babies out:

Frye Paige Tall Riding Boot 
I am utterly excited about my boots for the fall/winter season.  They should be arriving within five to seven days and I ordered purposely from Nordstrom's because of their loyalty and essentially infinite return policy.  First wear for these? Seattle, Washington of course! 

I'm really into the Mumford and Sons Pandora station lately.  I used to not like Mumford about two years ago when I discovered them, but lately I have found that I really connect to their lyrics.  Their new album comes out September 24th.  I am seriously thinking Mumford and Sons are the perfect fall music, and if categorizing music by seasons is wrong I don't want to be right.  

Thoughts about my weekend: 
  • I felt accomplished for having my Spanish 1 students writing paragraphs
  • I bought a football jersey at the football game Friday night
  • I discovered my house's balcony and sat up there Saturday night 
  • The roomies and I have been taking run/walks around town 
  • Yoga inversions (AKA: Headstands) became possible! Hip, hip, hooray for core strength
  • We celebrated Mexican Independence Day by making fish tacos with avocado crema and Mexican beer. 
So proud of my Spanish I students for writing short paragraphs in Spanish a month into school.
Excuse my form
Go Mustangs! 
Fish tacos with avocado crema
Closing thoughts on must-do's in Seattle (not including spontaneous adventures) in October:


  1. Those boots are absolutely beautiful!!! Yes, it's totally okay. HAHA, this is me reassuring myself as well because I just bought a pair of Hunter rainboots, LOL! I bought mine from Nordstrom too! :)

    1. I really want some Hunter's too, but I won't be able to justify those until I move to Seattle. What color did you get? Nordy's is the absolute best. Wish I could shop there all the time.