Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - WIWW

Hi my dears,

I've been planning for the first days of school like a mad woman, but expect a good post in the near future (probs tonight).

Please excuse the bright light shining above my head in the picture. I asked my mom to take it and we were in a hurry so I didn't ask for retakes.

My outfit for today is as follows:
Gold Earrings are from The Limited
Navy Dress is from TJ Maxx
Belt is from Stein Mart
Mustard Wedges are from Payless 
Please share with me what you're up to on this lovely Wednesday afternoon!


  1. You have been PLanning what have you been planning we need a coffee date!

    BTW you look super cute

    1. Thanks, my love.

      Syllabus, rules and consequences, procedures. That stuff. I miss you.

      I cannot wait to move across the street from you. Can we connect one of those can stringy things to talk from our bedroom windows?

  2. you look too cute! I miss you so very much!

    1. Thanks lovely! I miss you. You're welcome anytime in Louisiana. Well, within the next 10 months ;)