Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy transitions

What a crazy couple of days it's been. Moving back to Louisiana, transitioning, and coming home to find my apartment at 95 degrees. Two hours after turning on the AC after being off all summer it was still 96 degrees. Something was definitely up. Not okay. Mom and I slept in a hotel Sunday night.

Monday was professional development at work. I was so happy to see everyone. (Below you can see my classroom portable) I feel good about the school year and about how I'm handling my transition back to Louisiana in general. The mind is a powerful thing and I have decided to no allow mine to hate Louisiana and to make the very best of what may be my last year teaching and in a rural parish.

On a different note the girls (my future roomies) and I met with our new landlord and saw our future home. Y'all, this house is incredible and it is such a blessing that he is allowing us to live there. I promise pictures of the house are coming. I don't want to show anything until I am certain I am living there. As in, when my things start moving in. A little bit about the home though, it was built in the 1910's and is historical to the area and pretty sure the state. Imagine a beautiful white southern home with a gorgeous porch, a porch swing, and all of its amazingness inside.

After the meeting with the landlord  my AC was fixed. Just a little rust hit the fan, nothing to worry about. Today I will hopefully be able to talk to my current landlord about vacating my apartment. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm a little sad to leave. I have so many first-year memories in that apartment and I will miss my neighbor. I want to make it a point to visit her.

Alright, let's hope for productivity today. Meetings about to start so I will leave y'all with one last announcement:

This girl has purchased her flight to SEATTLE for Labor Day weekend. I cannot wait. I have always wanted to visit the pacific northwest and I'm already doing research of places to possibly visit ;)
Apparently this place has awesome drinks (strong ones) with awesome sandwiches 
I am so lucky that my friend Lisa from high school has invited me to go. I thought, why not?! I had a United Airlines voucher to use and the flight was super cheap and I get to fly from the airport in Alexandria. Lisa moved out there with her husband who is currently away in Afghanistan. I'm sad I won't get to meet the wonderful man in her life, but insanely excited to catch up with her and talk about photography and life!!

Check out her blog, she's doing amazing things.

Anyone else going through crazy transitions this week?
Even though it took an hour to book, I finally booked my flight to Seattle!
P-4, my portable classroom where I teach high school Spanish


  1. I can't wait!!!!! It's going to be a blast!!! Oh, and in the midst of all, fashion shoot? I think yes!

    Your house is 16 years younger than mine - I can picture how lovely it is!

    Too bad Anthony won't be around - but on the bright side, you can read all the philosophy books he left behind, haha

    See you soooon! :-D

    1. I'm up for all things photography. Seriously! If you think we should do fashion just send some inspiration my way on what to bring. It's going to be FUN.
      Ahh if only Plato, Aristotle, Nietzsche, Locke, and Mill did it for me ;)
      Sadly I'm a terrible philosopher.
      Also, I remember the picture of your house. It looks lovely and so historic apparently.