Friday, August 3, 2012

¡Soy súper estrella!

Y'all, I am a MACHINE.  I have continued to be as productive as possible.  Now I just need to pack...oops.  I think I will wake up semi-early and wash and pack.  I'd like to accomplish driving at least to Houston tomorrow.

But, let's focus on the positive shall we?  Here is what I got done today:
My student behavior tracker for my "behavior" clipboard.
I blurred the names for the safety of my students

  • Labels for Clipboards
  • Printing Behavior Trackers
  • Editing, printing, and laminating behavior trackers for desks
  • Cutting, pipe cleaning, and beading laminated trackers
  • Creating & Printing Tardy Log
  • Creating & Printing Bathroom Log
  • Saving Attendance Log PDFs for printing when I have black ink
  • Printing copies of syllabi, parent letter, parent survey, student surveys, and investment plan
  • Printing copy of student goals survey
Awesome, awesome, awesome! Let's take a look at some of these beauties...
How cute are these Student Surveys I created for my Spanish II classes?
Yes, I got the idea from Pinterest, but I jazzed it up.
Don't worry, Spanish I gets the English version.
For my "Tardy" Clipboard & "Bathroom" Clipboard
I'm most proud of this product! These are my individual desk behavior trackers.
The product above is what I laminated and cut out today.  After cutting them out I used a thumb tack to poke two holes where a pipe cleaner would run through with a bead.  The bead slides up and down based on students' behavior.  I spent a good hour doing all of that, but it was kind of fun.  I ended up making 36.  I like to keep extras on hand.  This goes along with the tracker I am using for my clipboard except this is to give students a personal visual (taped to their desk) of where they stand as far as their behavior grade goes for the day.  Students start off with 10 behavior points and begin losing them as they get infractions.  As you can see above, if it gets as far as a referral they lose two days worth of points.  I got this idea from a GNO (Greater New Orleans) corps member.  I'm super excited to use this system with my students.  I think it will extremely beneficial for my students with behavior problems.

Random side note: how fabulous do these look below? Sephora's current birthday gift for members is a Fresh Mini Lip Duo.  You get two mini lip balms, one with a tint (rosé) and a clear one.  Both smell wonderfully, look trés chic, and are really moisturizing.
Thanks Sephora for the awesome birthday gift! 
I hope all my productivity pays off when I have other things to do as I get back to Louisiana.  I'm excited to take a look at my very possibly future home.  Word on the street is that it's gorgeous! Don't tell my future roommates, but I also got us these...
I'm just really excited to live in a house (hopefully)
Next on my to-do list: purchase a flight to Seattle/Tacoma, Washington.  Not kidding. More on that later, right Lisa?  I'm going to go reward myself with a self given mani/pedi.

How was your Friday? 

PS. If you're a teacher and would like more information on any of the above feel free to leave me a comment and we can talk about it.  


  1. You are awesome

    1. Thanks, girl. So are you! Tomorrow we go back to work :) here's to an awesome second year. Oh, and an Avoyelles TFA reunion soon I hope.

  2. Reward for being so productive? A ticket to to Seattle/Tacoma!! Whoop whoop!

    HAHA, I could have used those "Roommate Citations" back in college. I used this one once:

    Worked like a charm, haha!