Thursday, August 2, 2012

A productive Thursday

Good news! I finally updated that About Me section of the blog.  I just need to do the Frequently Asked Questions.  Anyone have any burning questions about my life? Feel free to comment, anonymously or revealing your identify.  Either way, I will do my best to answer them.

Working on posters for my classroom
This teacher feels accomplished right now.  Check out all that productivity up there!  I have been slaving er working hard to accomplish as much as I can before heading back to Louisiana.  I officially start work on Monday, and I must use my time wisely.  I'd rather get as much done now and focus on refining lesson plans and my classroom later.  

So far I have:
  • Made my syllabus for Spanish I & II
  • Completed and edited my Management Plan
  • Completed and edited my Investment Plan
  • Completed not edited my semester Unit Plans Calendar for Spanish II
  • Started my semester Unit Plans Calendar for Spanish I
  • Created, printed, cut, and glued labels
  • Labeled bins 
I know my students are in high school, but believe me, they need this behavior system
To Finish:
  • Editing Unit 1 Test for Spanish I
  • Editing Unit 1 Test for Spanish II
  • Rules & Procedures first week of school quizzes 
  • Labeling Clipboards
  • Creating & Printing tardy sheet, bathroom pass log
  • Creating & Printing bathroom passes
  • Printing Behavior Trackers 
  • Creating Absent Binder
I'm sure there's other things to add to the list, but I think a lot of the most important stuff is completed.  I feel like I have a solid foundation.

I went on a little shopping spree to save, save, $ave the big bucks.  I plan to get reimbursed with my Spanish class fund when I go back to work, but I still try to save money considering the few resources my school provides.  I hit but the Dollar Tree and came out with 10 of those awesome white bins you see below, 3 bins with lids, 48 grading pens, three packs of stickers (yes, my high schoolers love them),  and four posters for less than $30.  Can you believe that?! What a steal! 
Don't these look beautifully organized already?
Larger bins without lids will be for four different things: turning in work, receiving graded work, homework, and late work
The smaller shoe box bins are for classroom supplies such as markers, grading pens, and glue sticks
The first year of teaching is a lot of survival and focusing on what the hell you're doing and whether you're even qualified to be responsible for individuals that are double your size (in my case).  This year, I plan to focus on all the things I wasn't able to see, mostly because they were above the ocean surface and I was having trouble staying afloat.  Organizing my classroom better, managing my students and their behavior better, helping my students organize themselves, holding them accountable and more responsible.  

Now, I feel lighter, stronger, productive, and I think I deserve a good hour of television.  

How do you stay organized?  
If you're a teacher, what are your organization tips and/or goals?


  1. Replies
    1. I will have mostly ninth and tenth graders, some eleventh.

    2. OMG! I completely forgot to listen to that Kill Bill soundtrack. Imagine how much more I could get done if I do that?!

    3. LOL, your entire lesson plan FOR THE YEAR would have been planned out, haha!

  2. Laura! Have you read Harry Wong's first days of school? It is a pretty awesome book about the importance of capturing kids in the first few days and I am really enjoying it. I am in the middle of moving AND trying to figure out everything I need to do before the year starts, so your post was most helpful. I definitely plan on stealing your "prompt, present, productive, respectful" poster and making one for my own class. Hooooope that's ok. ;)


    1. Leela! Good to see you here. Yes, I absolutely have read that book, I own it. I plan on watching the DVD it came with as soon as I get back to my apartment.

      Oh, and of course you can steal anything. The best teachers beg, borrow, and steal! I actually got the idea for mine from another teacher, ya see?
      Best of luck to you. I also recommend "Teach Like a Champion"
      You're going to have an awesome year, I can't wait to hear about it.