Sunday, August 12, 2012


It's the end of the weekend.  As soon as I am done here I better head out and relax as much as humanly possible in order to prepare mentally and physically for the first week of school.  I really think teachers get much more anxiety than students do about this.  I have so much to post about, but that will come soon enough.  

Yesterday I had to go to Professional Development for Teach For America in Baton Rouge.  I actually enjoyed my drive.  It was quite lovely.
The swampland I drive by on the way to BR.  Sometimes there is an old broccoli smell.  That's not so pleasant.
I made an amazing Lasgna soup recipe that I got via pinterest.  Substituted ground turkey instead of meat and used two italian sausage links.  Ricotta was reduced fat, too.  
Topped with mozarella and fresh basil.  As good as it sounds. 
Tomorrow I will hit the gym again.  It is a MUST.  I need to check out my Yogalates classes and whip myself back into the routine.  It's so difficult to transition yourself and feel at "home" again.  I struggle with this every time.  I miss my mom an awful lot, too.  When can I see her again?  Probably October, unless she comes to visit me.
How gorgeous are those trees down that winding road? This is how empty most of the drive is, too.
Happy Monday tomorrow.  Let's start off the week on the right foot and, "Think of everything that can go right instead of everything that could go wrong" :)


  1. Check this website out. I think you will love it!

  2. OMGoodness. That soup looks delicious!!!!!!!