Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday in photographs

Here is my Friday in photographs! My classroom is ready to go for Monday and that is the most exciting I can say right now.  Huge accomplishment! 
All of my organized bins
First day of school schedule & a love note from me

I grouped my desks to make my room appear larger & for block scheduling purposes 
Notes my students left behind last Spanglish
Clipboards wall 
The battle wounds I earned while attempting to move some of my things
This bruise was caused by a box that is too long for my short arms to hold :(
Tried a Pale Ale Blue Moon for the first time tonight.  So very tasty & complex.
Desk, Rules & Consequences
More desk graffiti in español :) HEY, it shows those kids learned something, right? 

Meeting in the A.M., which means bed time for this very tired gal. 

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  1. bahaha love the spanish desk graffiti. I HATE when students write on desks... but if they were writing biology notes i probably wouldnt mind so much.