Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Smooth transitions

Sorry about that y'all, I hate leaving my blog for too long.  The past week has been so crazy.  Ever since school started, and I began to pack up my belongings things have seem to go nonstop.

The school year has officially started and soon enough Fridays will be about football games and pep rallies.  Our first one is this week, well it's a Jamborree for all the local high schools to mini-scrimmage against each other.  It's exciting!  I sound so small town, that's because people here eat, breathe, and live for football season.  I have yet to understand the game, but I sure do enjoy a good football game on a Friday night.  Seeing my students, talking to parents, and hanging out with teachers friends.

Some brief updates/thoughts:

  • I've officially moved into "the house"
  • School is going well, I was concerned about my freshmen, but they are doing fine.  
  • The girls (roommates + Liz) are going to yoga these days, well it was once, but it was fun! 
  • I really like Belle (the cat), but may be allergic to her
  • My recent guilty pleasure is the show Veronica Mars.  Such a good show!
  • White Peach Skinny Girl Margarita might be my new go-to over the counter beverage
  • Apple Pears are my new favorite fruit.  It's an apple, it's a pear, and best of all, it is NOT gritty.
I've also been having some intense thoughts about my past year.  Thoughts about my relationships and how the life I lived for a year pushed so many of my closest friends away.  Well, not the life, but the effects of that life resulted in me pushing so many people away.  I'm still processing that thought, so more on that later. 

For now, here's a snippet of my life in pictures:
Making salads that look like this.  Spinach, poached eggs, cottage cheese, tomatoes, onions. MMMM
I see the beauty in Louisiana twilight

What my first Wednesday after teaching looked like
Meet Belle.  She's lovely.
My room in progress...
Another angle of my bedroom in progress.  

Our formal dining area in progress. Larger table to come.
LOVE our kitchen.  That window is my favorite.


  1. The house looks amazing!! Love it!

    Also I am OBSESSED with Veronica Mars, I have all 3 seasons on DVD!

    1. My roommate has all three so I'm glad I can finish the entire series. Oh and come visit. You're always welcome :)

    2. Hey you never know, I may show up at some point ;) you're a lot closer now that I'm back in TX!