Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Healthy Airport Eats

Isn't it always such a drag getting wholesome foods at the airport? 

Sometimes I just hold off until my next destination to eat, but on days like today when I've been up since 5am with no breakfast and a long layover, I need to fuel up!

My go-to is always Starbucks 
I choose their Perfect Oatmeal: the perfect energy breakfast. Complete with an array of toppings from dried fruit to brown sugar and mixed nuts. 

I also order a tall iced coffee with 2% milk , cinnamon, sans sweetener. 

If I cannot find a Starbucks in my airport or terminal there is usually a Smoothie King (or similar place). I find the best smoothie that will keep me full the longest but is still fairly lean. Usually some kind of chocolate protein, banana, and peanut butter. 

Still struggling to find something, most convenience stores at airports have energy bars as fresh fruit. Opt for that until you reach your destination. 

What about you, any airport breakfast faves?

Off to catch up with this girl, who just caught up with me at Dallas DFW!

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