Friday, December 28, 2012

Babel // Review

It has been a great fall/winter season for music if you ask me.  There's this whole genre going on right now that I like to refer to as mainstream indie (oxymoron, I know) folky, singer-songwriter-y, acoustic.  I'm not too sure of what college kids or even twenty-somethings these days are listening to.  I work with teenagers, angsty ones.  Teenagers who's idea of good music includes people like this.  

My taste in music varies just a bit, and since I'm so in love with several artists lately, I thought I'd share some that are featured in the current soundtrack to my life.  
Mumford & Sons
Today I'd like to talk about Mumford and Sons.  The first time I heard this band back in 2010, I like to think that I wasn't mature enough to fully appreciate their sound.  I thought they were okay when an ex-boyfriend introduced me to them, but I wasn't quite ready to understand their complicated lyrics.  After a year and half teaching in rural Louisiana, I was perfectly ready for them once again.  Before their latest album Babel was released this fall I was listening to the Pandora station where their Sigh No More  singles came along and stole my heart.  I knew their lyrics were complex, but I was determined to feel them and let them sink in.  

When Babel was released in September 2012 I purchased it on iTunes and haven't stopped listening to it since.  I listen to this album every morning on my commute to work, and it calms me, and I think I learn something new about each song every time.  If I haven't convinced you to give these guys a shot yet, below is my commentary on Babel. Enjoy.
Marcus Mumford

1. Babel 
I love how powerful the album starts with this song.  I envision them opening with this song at a concert.  There are lots of biblical references in this album and it all begins with the title of the album and the title of this song.  I think this song is about truth and about nothing being out of reach and everything coming down to grace and truth.  

2. Whispers in the Dark
I hear a lot of truth about the writer of this song being sinful before returning to Christianity or seeking God.  Perhaps this song could be about the life that was led before faith. 

3. I Will Wait
The more I heard this the more my interpretation of the song changed.  You could interpret the song to be about a loved one, literally someone who will be waited for.  After seeking all the religious themes throughout the album I do think this has to do with someone who once turned their back on God.

4. Holland Road
This is such a sad song.  Perhaps between two lovers or a father and son.  The song has hope, that maybe one day something can be reconciled.  

5. Ghosts That We Knew
One of my favorites on the album.  I think I'm still interpreting this one.  It could be about a relationship.  About faith.  Something that was haunting in the past...perhaps mental illness.  

6. Lover of the Light
This is another favorite of mine.  I think this is a beautiful song, with beautiful lyrics.  To me this song is about overcoming obstacles within a relationship.  

7. Lovers' Eyes
I hear infidelity in this song. 

8. Reminder 
This song breaks my heart. I hear heartbreak.  Sometimes you're still reminded of those you loved and a part of you will sort of always love.

9. Hopeless Wanderer 
I interpret this song to be about a man who has yet to find love.  Maybe he's to afraid to love anything.  Deep down a hopeless romantic though.

10. Broken Crown
This has to be my least favorite song on the entire album.  It's quite dark and I have yet to fully appreciate it yet.

11. Below My Feet 
If I need to be grounded this is what I listen to.  It's perfect in every way.  This song does just what the title says, it reminds you to keep the Earth below your feet.

12. Not With Haste
My favorite line in this entire song says <...and I will love with urgency and not with haste> This song embodies what our humane purpose is in this world.

13. For Those Below (BONUS)
To me this is a beautiful song about death.

14. The Boxer (BONUS)
A cover I'm pretty sure.  It's about perseverance.

15. Where Are You Now (BONUS)
I'm starting to feel this way about my relationship.  It's not bitter, it's curious.  I like to think that this is how I am thought of now by him.

My favorite thing about these songs is that they can be interpreted in many ways, and they are relatable to so many.  I'd love to hear your interpretation of one of your favorites on the album!  If you haven't heard this album I hope I've inspired you to give it a shot.  I'll leave y'all with a live performance of "Below My Feet" on Saturday Night Live back in September.  Enjoy :)