Saturday, November 24, 2012

Real Ale Coffee Porter

I spent the evening people watching with good company in a cool atmosphere in a nice little alehouse in the art district called Roosevelt's at 7.  It was rainy out, reminding me of Seattle of course, and I was craving something rich like a stout or a porter.  I asked if there was a beer menu, and found it odd that there wasn't.  You see, Roosevelt's apparently changes their beer selection so often that they don't keep a beer menu because of it.  As someone who likes seeing her options on paper, I was a bit disappointed by this.  Regardless I asked the bartender to sample all of the stouts and porters on tap with the exception of Guinness.  Sadly there was only one porter to choose from and two stouts.

I chose the Real Ale Coffee Porter.  If coffee is going to be in the name of my beer, I expect bold coffee flavor.  I was surprised when the hint of coffee was actually more like a background note in the taste.  It was subtle and not overwhelming.  By the end of the pint I was actually glad the coffee flavors weren't so powerful, but I would have named this porter something that denoted a subtle coffee taste.

I did love the feel of this brew, and while it did not blow my mind I would probably drink it again.  I did expect less carbonation and more richness, but it was a nice balance.  Not too carbonated, but more so than expected with a porter.

Overall, a good porter, but if you're a coffee snob like me, you may want a porter with stronger coffee notes.  Cheers!

What was in your pint tonight?

Those Angel wings in the background are almost placed where they should be...

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