Monday, November 12, 2012


It has been an absolutely blissful Veteran's Day weekend.  I am so thankful for the extra day I had to relax this weekend.

I've been full of intense thoughts.  So intense it's hard to keep them straight.  I'm also ready to go home to Texas for awhile.  I'm just ready for a vacation.  My road trip to Texas on Friday will be the start of pure relaxation for me. At least for a week.  My graduate school application WILL be submitted from the place I call home, the Rio Grande Valley.  Right now, I've got everything together I'm just doing some final edits on my essays, getting some different people to do some final reviews.

Love has been on my mind a lot.  You could say that for the past six months love escaped me.  That sounds morbid and all sorts of dark and twisty that I do not mean to be.  I don't mean escape in the empty sense of the word, but just escape in that love and the idea of falling in love went away.  To take a break from my mind for awhile.  Love was always there and I still loved everything that encompassed the word and feelings that came with it.

But recently, love is on my mind again.  The possibility of falling in love again feels real to me.  It feels far away I may add, but it feels real. It's kind of a funny realization, and it almost sounds silly writing it down.  I almost want to kick myself and say, "well of course it was always real, and of course you will fall in love again" but it still won't change that for the past six months love and I gave each other some much needed space.  

Happenings from this weekend:
My first bon fire! 
First bon fire spent with great company
Delicious brunch!  
The beautiful view from the bath I took on my relaxing weekend out of town 
My roommate baking apple pie
Splurges at Marshall's
Steve Madden leather boots! 
Expect a post about this in the near future...
I love Young Adult fiction! 
What a steal! 
How was your weekend?
Any intense thoughts?
Suggestions on pushing through my week? 


  1. I love you bundles. And yes, you will find love. Possibly soon, possibly in the future. Either way, it will consume you with a fire and happiness that you never thought possible. That adventure will come, I promise. <3

    1. Aww, thanks love. I know I will, I'm sure of it :)

  2. I am reading The Happiness Project book! And also trying to get my life together--lots and lots of intense thoughts, so I definitely feel you there. Miss your smiling face!

    1. How do you like the book?! I remember hearing about it and then forgetting to buy it. I'm excited to start my own Happiness Project, and may read the book if you recommend it. What are your plans post-NYU?! I just realized that you should be graduating in May, right?! Crazy.

      Miss you!!!