Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gratuity // Thankful Post

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am sitting here, drinking my hot cup of coffee deciding who I should declare thankfulness to.  It has been a blessed year and I think last Thanksgiving I just wanted to be at home more than anything.  I wanted to be surrounded by all things familiar and love and step away from the new life that I had established for myself in Louisiana.  It was a hard year, a year of growth, and for that I am eternally grateful.

For my profession I am thankful.  For the wonderful students I have the privilege of calling my own I am thankful.   I only hope that they have learned as much from me as I have learned from them.  For the community I have become a part of in central Louisiana.  I am thankful for being welcomed with open arms and open hearts to learn from these people and to give a piece of myself to their children.

For the education I have received, and that I hope to continue to receive every day.  I never stop learning, and everyone I meet teaches me something valuable.  Even you

Thank you to my supportive and loving family, for caring about me, encouraging me to pursue my dreams and trusting my instincts...even when they're crazy and involve possibly moving to the Pacific Northwest.

To my friends, new and old. Those I may speak to every day, and those I may speak to once a week.  Those who think I forget about them...I don't.  Those who have come into my life, out, and back in. Those who I never thought would touch my heart after high school.
Love you, Sarah
I'm thankful for Molly Denim Lupo and her loving parents
"Miss you Auntie Laura" 
To all of you, I sincerely thank you.


My University of Washington School of Social Work application is officially submitted! Now comes the wait. Come February I should hear a response.  I think about this every day and even had dreams about it the other day.  Sometimes you just know in your heart you're supposed to be somewhere.  I knew I was meant to do Teach For America.  I knew I was called to work for a greater cause much larger than myself, and when I stepped off that plane last Labor Day holiday in Seattle I knew that the next chapter in my life would begin there.

Send me positive vibes! 

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  1. This just about made me cry.
    I'm so very thankful for you and I know that everyone you meet is thankful for you too!

    Until we sit and chat over coffee again!