Monday, February 4, 2013

A Dream For Him

So many students have touched my heart so deeply.  I could tell you stories for days....

Tonight I have this one particular student on my heart.  I am currently serving as his mentor you could say.  I have taken him under my wing even though he is not my student this semester.  I see an immense amount of potential in him, and he works harder than many of the other students I have taught in the past.  He has an incredible work ethic and I am immensely proud to have taught him for two consecutive years.  

I realized recently that sometimes students like this, even while we may think they will reach beyond the stars, don't always realize they can.  We, as their teachers, their mentors, their parents, their peers, and their friends, have to dream for them.  We have to set their goals high and show them that we believe they can achieve anything.  

This is exactly what I'm doing for this kid.  I have a dream for him, a dream he will have the opportunity to expose himself to a world outside of Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana.  Exposure to an engineering camp this summer, exposure to an excellent math education.  A dream that he will advocate for himself and for the education he deserves.  A dream that with my help and the help of those who care about him he will raise his ACT score and have the opportunity to attend college out of state at an affordable cost.  That he will realize the injustice he has lived and doing his part to prevent that from continuing in this nation one day.

I have a dream for him.  It is moments like this when my chest is overwhelmed and I know I am reassured about where I want my career to take me.


  1. that was moving, glad you are making a difference and have a purpose and meaning in life and making it the same for others.

  2. Never lose contact with this kid, ever. If you're the crutch he needs to go above his standards, stay being the crutch until he proves you otherwise. When he proves you otherwise, keep him in your life as a reminder of the beauty in life.