Monday, February 18, 2013

Struck Gold

Ever feel like you've found gold and it takes two to three weeks for everyone else to find it too?  That is how I feel about this song.  I heard it back in December for the first time, fell in love with it in early January, and now it is showing up everywhere.  Oh, and it's also my mantra for 2013. Here's a couple of covers I really appreciate:

Back to my original thought for this post--NYC.  There were many cool and hip places in NYC.  Here are a couple I'd check out if plan on checking out the city anytime soon.  

Wilfie & Nell - I had drinks at this lovely and quite cozy bar in the West Village.  I am also certain that I saw Al Pacino's twin there.  It was absolutely perfect and intimate. A perfect date spot.  Highly recommend it for late night talks and drinks.

Hudson Clearwater - is a swanky West Village restaurant with an intimate NYC feel.  We had a large group for a dinner party when I went here and I was thoroughly impressed by the fact that even though we were in a secluded and romantic nook, we were never abandoned.  They had some amazing cocktails on the menu and the food was fantastic.  The restaurant is a bit hidden, but a true gem and the ambiance was my favorite. 

The Standard Biergarten - When I first knew we were going to a biergarten in Chelsea I never thought it would be a traditional German-style one.  The glass enclosed hangout has Oktoberfest-style picnic tables with few cocktail tables and ping pong tables on the sides.  A full bar is available as well as three German beers to choose from: a pils, a wheat, and a black lager.  I had the black lager and will be reviewing it in the near future.  Didn't have any of the apps, but the pretzels and dogs looked delicious.  This is one of those places that definitely seemed worthy of hitting up before dinner with friends or a casual date night. 

Sarita's Macarconi & Cheese - I first heard about this place on television awhile back, probably on one of those food network shows.  It definitely takes a modern twist on the ideal comfort food.  I recommend the sampler which includes my favorites: the Parisienne, the La Mancha, and the Napolitana. Yum! 

Big Gay Ice-Cream - I went to this hip ice-cream shop in the East Village when my good friend from college, Erica took me on a food tour of her favorite spots.  It was perfect and delicious and, well, totally gay :) I had The Salty Pimp, and you will just have to click on the link to find out for yourself what that consists of. 

The Westway - Such a fun experience!! I was definitely creeped out at the beginning because I thought it was a strip club, that's because it used to be one.  It definitely feels like you are time traveling back to 1979, or into a Quentin Tarantino film.  The DJ was absolutely awesome playing some great hits from today and some amazing oldies that didn't make you feel like you were dancing at your cousin's wedding.  It's perfect for dancing, especially if you've always wanted to dance on a light up dance floor...check.

Have you been to any of these places? 

I plan on taking it easy this Monday evening, it's raining and I'm tired.  I plan on catching up on Girls, finishing Perks of Being a Wallflower, and maybe getting some grades on the computer.  
Happy Monday, wish me luck on my phone interview for WashU Scholarships tomorrow! 

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