Saturday, February 2, 2013

"I water my grass all day, every day..."

Sometimes you just have to keep on keeping on--know what I mean?!

January has been full of fun, and living, and downs, but lots of ups too.  Updates, in pictures? Sure, why not.

  • I am beginning to feel immense guilt about leaving this place come May.  My school, my students, a place that has changed me and shaped my life's vision.  I am not sure if I could truly justify with words the way this little parish in central Louisiana has touched me.  May will surely be bittersweet.  

  • My cousin came to visit for MLK weekend with her boyfriend and that was a blast.  I took her to all the local places and we went to NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana for those of you who never heard the acronym--Sean).  
  • Thank you for coming, prima.  I love you so much and am so proud of who you have become since we were little girls playing Barbies.

At the local Daquiri Bar
New Orleans has an incredible energy about it.  This was at the Frenchman Art Market 

  •  I felt so twenty-something.  I admired and appreciated art, something I take for granted much too often.  I forget how much I love just walking around and appreciating what other people take the time to create.  I may or may not have purchased three pieces of art.  

Best bar EVER.  The Carousel Bar inside of the Hotel Monteleone
  • New Orleans was just fantastic.  I had not been there post-Katrina, even since I've been in living in Louisiana now.  Most people who know I live here don't realize that New Orleans is not just around the corner.  People also don't realize that Louisiana culture varies from the north to central to south Louisiana.  I definitely loved the vibe in New Orleans.  The Carousel Bar was a great place to people watch, listen to jazz, and sit at a bar that went around and around (slooowly of course) in Carousel fashion.  
The original Raising Cane's in Baton Rouge, LA.
Our first King Cake of the season in the spirit of Mardi Gras from Sucre.

It's not a NOLA trip without some Cafe Du Monde
Beignets & Cafe au laits

  •  If you notice in the photograph above, I finally gave in and purchased some LSU gear.  You know you've been officially adapted to Louisiana culture when you wear some purple and gold. Oh, and when you stop calling it purple and yellow...oops.

  • Then one fine MLK day, I was in a car accident. With whom?  Just with a girl who had her license for all of, oh, one month at the ripe age of sixteen.  I was at a green light and she was turning left in the opposite direction into oncoming traffic (AKA: me).  On the bright side, no one was hurt, she got a ticket, hopefully learned her lesson, and had insurance.    
My current rental: a black charger. Oh, I look SO fast and the furious in this.
  • But, among all the ups and downs, I have these beautiful ladies to keep me company and keep me smiling.  I treasure our wining and dining like last Thursday night.  Maybe even scoring us some free creme brûlée on the side.  
  • On a final note, the University of Washington (Seattle) grad school has now delayed their decision until "sometime in February."  But patience is a virtue, right y'all ;)
How did January treat you?


  1. january treated me fine indeed, cause i got to spend much of it with youuuu!!! love love love

    1. I know, we are doing a good job of seeing each other so far. Super Bowl party tonight! So glad you'll be here.