Sunday, October 21, 2012


Greetings from the beautiful and very chilly Pacific Northwest y'all.  I was told that my southern accent is revealed every now and then, who doesn't love a southern belle though, right?  Scratch that, I don't necessarily consider myself to be a southern belle.

I have spent a blessed time here with my dear friend Lisa.  We spent our Friday in Seattle meeting up with Teach For America with the UW-School of Social Work office of graduate admissions. Thank you, Lisa for putting up with my crazy adult-post-TFA meetings, you're a doll.  We had a great time going to a couple of consignment shops and making fun of how tiny the clothes are at American Apparel.  Can you believe some of the sizes wouldn't even fit an Olsen twin?!

On my mind lately (and I promise it's not the lack of sun out here in the state of Washington) is the word jaded.  Jaded in regard to romance I think we could say.  Let me just clarify and say that romance persé has definitely not been on my mind, but rather my indifference to it.  I would like to think that most people who are not in steady relationships whether married or unmarried have thoughts about romance.  Usually daydreaming about the romance you want in your life, of your ideal partner, your future partner, your soul mate (or whatever your choice of jargon is).  At least this was always the case for me.

Instead of these thoughts coming to me, I hit a wall when I consciously attempt to force myself to daydream about happily ever afters.  Today I named that wall: J-A-D-E-D.

jaded [ˈdʒeɪdɪd]
1. exhausted or dissipated
2. satiated
jadedly  adv
jadedness  n

HA! Remember, that wonderful song?  Casting Aerosmith aside, I think I'm just jaded with the possibility of romance in my future.  That sounds awful, does it not?  I am definitely crazy about romance and love and all the roses and rainbows that come with it.  It's more of a feeling of too good to be true at this moment in time.  That's not quite right either, and it makes me sound cynical, which is also incorrect.  Now, I'm just contradicting myself.

Not very bright side of me? Except I do feel optimistic, it's just that my heart is just not as enthusiastic as my mind is.  They'll catch up with each other, don't worry ;)

Stay tuned for an update on the beer page as we tour some microbreweries in Seattle today! I made a friend who happens to appreciate a good craft beer, an important quality in my book!

Fun at Urban Outfitters
Really hoping to be a Husky next fall! 
In love with how apparent fall is in this state
So enamored
Crashing into a pile of leaves, check! 
Apothecary Bars are my new favorite thing
Experiencing the shops at the U
There are indoor trampoline parks for adults! 
Toe touching! 
Never grow up!

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  1. Never grow up! I love it! <3

    From the poster we saw on a PROFE's door at UDUB: "If you are looking for the love of your life, stop; they will be waiting for you when start doing things you love"