Thursday, October 18, 2012

Delayed post // Delayed flight

My goodness it's been too long. I'm blogging from the airport. I am awaiting a delayed flight to Seattle. I cannot wait to be in the beautiful Pacific Northwest again.

I didn't abandon y'all because I don't want to blog anymore. Absolutely not. I have been dying to blog and keep everyone posted on the happenings of my small town life. You see, our house has been having loads of trouble with our Internet. It has caused one too many problems and our company that shall remain nameless told us the earliest day they could come out and address our issue was November second. Yea. I know. Our Internet has been faulty for two solid months and the earliest they can address the problem is first week of November? I kid you not.

On a much happier note the day has finally come. I am returning to Seattle and this time with a mission: to envision my future there. I have a meeting with the graduate school of admissions at the UW School of Social Work as well as a meeeting with the Executive Director of Teach For America for the Seattle region.

I am hopeful and cannot wait to make some connections with some incredible people. Send good thoughts my way. Also, part one of my application is complete. Part two is coming and I need to ask for my recomendations.

Have you ever looked through your phone pictures wondering what others might say about your life based solely on the kinds of pictures on your phone? These are thoughts I have while I await to be boarded.

I will leave you with my recent phone pictures to say what you need to say about ny life. Feel free to share in the comments section.

Catch y'all in the Pacific.

Pumpkin Pie blizzards are the best part about October
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Historical Cemetery in Natchez
This is almost my whole family in Louisiana
Historical Antebellum homes in Natchez

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