Sunday, October 28, 2012

Microbrews in the Northwest

One reason I love the Pacific Northwest is all the incredible microbreweries that exist out there.  They also have quite the jones for IPAs.  I'm still acquiring my taste buds to those extra hoppin' brews.  Sidenote: Seattle, Washington has a whole week dedicated to beer, can you believe this?!! Sounds amazing and like I should RSVP tomorrow! Not until May though...I'll keep ya posted on my attendance.  

Cold weather means perfect time for a good porter! That's exactly what I had my fair share of on my last visit to the Seattle/Tacoma area. 
Naked City Brewery& Pub
First was a sampler at the Naked City Brewery & Taphouse .  From left to right were the following:
Naked City Duplicity
Naked City Betsey's Mountain Amber
Naked City Podunk IPA
Naked City Boo Radley Pumpkin Ale
Naked City Pinkerton Porter
Naked City Dobb's Gold

One of my favorites was the Podunk IPA (surprisingly), it was an oatmeal IPA which was different, but extremely flavorful despite the hops.  Also, the Boo Radley Pumpkin Ale, probably because it's that time of year.  Least favorite: Dobb's Gold and the Pinkerton Porter.  I just was not impressed with those two.  
The twelve beers of the Apocalypse
Afterward came Tangletown and a beer or two there.  I had the Omen Raspberry Stout.  It was perfect for the cold weather and only slightly sweet.  Rich, but not too rich and definitely filling like a meal.

The Omen
My Omen and Peter Pan collar
Last stop was at Chuck's Hop Shop, such a neat place.  Not quite a bar, but definitely a hip feel.  They serve you a pint in a mason jar glass, so very southern of them.  I wish I could remember the name of the beer I had, all I know is that it was the best chocolate stout I've had yet.  Mine is on the right in the picture below.  


  1. Rogue chocolate stout! My arm feels famous in these pictures! Come back soon k!

    1. Ahh bless your heart, Mr. McCoy for remembering that. Hoping to see you soon in the PNW, maybe as a future Husky ;)

  2. Thanks for posting this. I forgot the names to the places we went to. You forgot to include what an AWESOME night this was ;)

    Can't wait for you to come back. <3

    You look so cute in your little picture. Cheers :)

    1. CANNOT wait to go back and to go to an Apothecary Bar. AHHHH yes and for another stout.

      And yes, awesome, awesome night.