Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 12 of 2012

As I work on improving my blog for the new year, I stumbled upon a couple of new ones that I'm starting to follow.  This particular one, gave me the idea for today's post.  After all, we beg, borrow, and steal from those who inspire hope within us in order to become our best version of ourselves.

Taken by: Lisa w/Contax 645 Medium Format Camera 
12. Re-Launching The Bright Side According To Laura.

11. Finishing my first year with Teach For America (whew!).

10. Taking the summer to fully reflect and re-focus on myself after a difficult break up, and learning to love my life again.

9. After much prayer and reflection, reaffirming my call to work for social justice through Social Work.

8. Visiting Seattle/Tacoma and falling in love with the Pacific Northwest.

7. Moving in with three roommates who have been a major contribution to making my second year of teaching much better than the first.

6. Continuing my yoga practice, strengthening my body, and mastering two and a half headstands.

5. Climbing to the rooftop of a building (I'm terrified of heights!) to an amazing night view of Seattle.

4. Applying to graduate schools and putting my eggs in two baskets (EEK!).

3. Asking for forgiveness and reconnecting with old friends (I still thank y'all).

2. Completing 75% of my commitment with Teach For America as of December, and falling in love with my job....what an accomplishment!

1. Always having my mother to rely on when I went through the bumps of 2012, having her there with words of wisdom, smiles, cards, hugs, and even spending more time than she needed to in Louisiana with me.  To her, I am eternally grateful.

What about you, friends, what are some of your highlights from 2012?

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