Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Too late, too soon.

Recently my friends and I made a non-Teach For America friend here in Small Town, Louisiana.  I know, you're probably thinking...it took you a year and a half to make a friend?! Ha, I mean we have teacher friends, but we are not talking about those.  If any of you (teacher friends) are reading, I love y'all and am so blessed to have met you, but this post is dedicated to one of our few non-teacher friends of our generation.

Our dear Matt, who we met a mere three weeks ago.  We met Matt, a year and a half too late.  Matthew is a true gem and just good ol' salt of the earth.  He is moving at the end of the week to pursue his dreams and do amazing things at the cooler end of the state ;)

To Matt: thank you for being sweet, kind, and just the perfect addition to our friends here and our memories in Louisiana, and I know I can speak for all when I say that we are sad to lose you so soon.  You were a good one, and I intend on keeping in touch.  Best of luck on your endeavors, and I'll be seeing you in Tahoe, or Seattle, or St. Louis...but definitely NOLA.

Shrimp Creole: a true Louisiana meal 
Thanks for cooking an awesome dinner, Matt! 
Ever felt like you met someone too late or too soon? 


  1. It's always sad when you meet someone & for whatever reason they have to leave your life so quickly. Thankfully, with social media these days, there are numerous ways to keep in touch.

    & that meal looks delicious! If I may suggest, please blog more recipes! Lol.

    Also, are you still reading Anna Karenina? I've been wanting to read it!

    1. I know, I'm waiting for Matthew to give me this recipe. I get to see him this weekend probably so I will nudge him.

      I am still reading Anna Karenina, it's so good! I just wish I made more time to digest it.