Friday, June 29, 2012

Venti viernes...or my bad attempt at alliteration.

This is my first time blogging on my iPhone so please excuse any errors. Mom got me out of the house super early today to run errands and hence there was no time for posting from home.

I felt so guilty this morning because I honestly don't remember hearing my alarm. I set an alarm every day to get up and go to the gym. I like arriving to the gym by 8am-ish and I have about a 7 minute drive. Yesterday I didn't make it to spin class because I woke up with a sore throat and slept in. I made it to yoga in the evening though. Sweating for 30 minutes straight counts for something, right guys?

So this morning I had every healthy intention to get up and go to either spin or an ab class. But I was so mad when I woke up and it was 9am!!! It's Friday and the gym has limited classes in Fridays. The next spin class would be at 5pm, but I have to be at a bridal shower in another city by 6pm. Ahhhh!!

Tomorrow my friends, tomorrow this girl will get to 10am spinning. I will do my own hair for my cousin's wedding instead of going to the salon with my mom for the sake of fitness. My healthy intention for the day is to walk a lot and drink plenty of fluids. See the passion tea below? I'm doing great already.

Today is just insane. My mother is not the most organized or rather efficient person when it comes to running errands. It drives me crazy, but bless her heart I love her. For example, we are currently at the outlet mall when we should be renewing her cell phone contract. Excuse the rant, but I take efficiency seriously. Look at those tweets on the bottom if ya don't believe me.

Whenever we are like this--insane, I like to give us space. I am currently inside the Starbucks and I'd like to recommend you go pick up the App of the week and the Song of the week. The App is Kayak Mobile Pro, who doesn't love travel apps?! Booking err dreaming a vacation instead of work?! Ahhh yes! The song of the week is a different version of Jack Johnson's "Better Together" live with Paula Fuga. I'm not a huge fan of Jack, but this is one of his few songs I do like. Who can resist a cutesy love song? I'm such a sap.

Can you tell I'm spastic today?! Alright, I will leave y'all with a picture of my gorgeous Shellac manicure. Haven't tried Shellac? Do it! Best decision you'll ever make. Unless you don't have nails, or you think it's a "feminine" thing to do ;)

What about you, what's your healthy intention for the day my friend?

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  1. I hate inefficient errands too! I plan everything out super carefully. There is no room for wasted time! Unless you have designated time to waste, that is.