Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thoughts From My Porch...

I never thought I would get so attached to the state of Louisiana the last couple of months being here.  Today I felt so at home in my life here.  I started to think about the transition I will very likely be experiencing next fall.  The last transition in my life was here to Louisiana and it was the most difficult I have experienced yet.  Now, I feel so at home here, I feel attached to this place.  I feel protective of it, of its people, of its culture, of its education.  I never thought that I'd find myself saying how I would be interested in coming back to Louisiana one day to establish an organization and/or work for one that aligns with my professional values and life goals (what?!) Crazy, huh?

May of last year I remember how I didn't even look back as I left the state for Texas.  Texas is not on my mind these days.  As a loyal Texan, I do love my home state, but I'm pretty good with not going back there to live and establish myself for a good while.  May of this year, I am starting to have uneasy feelings about how I will handle leaving.  Many tears, many memories, it will surely be difficult.  I cannot say goodbye, it will be a see you later.

This evening, I contemplate my graduate school decision.  I have been honored to receive a very legitimate scholarship to WashU.  This scholarship is placing a heavy weight on my pro list and leaving University of Washington in Seattle a bit behind.  I am highly impressed with WashU's marketing, University of Washington simply seems to care about whether I send them a check with my deposit to secure my place.  I have received one measly letter from Seattle, nothing impressive, with an envelope to submit my deposit.  No welcome packet, no information about the school of social work, no post card, that's it.  Depressing, and not very convincing?  You are telling me this is a top program? SHOW ME! I am deceived.
On the bright side, I have completed my FAFSA (phew) and am awaiting to find out what the rest of my financial packages look like for both schools before making a final decision.  But, as of right now, St. Louie is lookin' pretty good.

Current favorite things:
- Sitting on my porch in the cool and warm evenings until the sun goes down
- Yoga
- Eating Grapefruits
- Afternoon coffee
- Country music

What's your vote for me, WashU or Seattle? Explain your answer and support with evidence. 

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